Friday, March 5, 2010

30 reasons & counting why I'm the most hated man on any Lost forum

Lost is a beloved TV show for myself, although some don't think I like the show, that evidently got a lot of influence from numerous other TV Shows (Doctor Who included in my opinion) while others refuse to believe that lost is not totally original in its concept.

(Ecclesiastes 1:9-14 NIV) What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

1. 6 Candiditate - 6 Keys to Time

2. 6 Seasons of Lost - 6 Episodes to the Key of Time

3. Jacob (guy in white), MIB (smokey or MIB) - White Guardian and Black Guardian

4. 2 Conmen (Older one Locke's Father) younger, Ford aka Sawyer - Garron (older con man) Unstoffe (younger conman) The Ribos Operation

5. Character Locke (following the island blindly leading to his death - Sholakh (following the Graff Vynda-K blindly eventually leading to his death)

6. 3 choices offered by Flocke to Sawyer - 3 alternatives offered by Mr. Fibuli to the Captain (See the full article below to see the direct correlation)

7. The INSIDE joke that Flocke said was NOTHING - INSIDE the planet of Zanak which discovers has NOTHING because it is hollow (See the full article below this one to see the direct correlation)

8. Black and White on balance scale - The Captains crushed remains of entire planets reduces to millions of tons of compressed rock held in perfect balance by his exquisite gravitational geometry

9. Richard Alpert (seemingly ageless) we are led to believe that he may have come to the island on the black rock hundreds of years ago as a prisoner as referenced by Flocke to Richard the last time I saw you you were in chains - Vivian Fay (4000 years old) her features don't change has been on earth for hundreds of years was a prisoner who was on a spaceship when it somehow has some some of accident in hyperspace and retreats to the earth

10. The ASH used on Lost to somehow hold the Smoke monster doesn't seem to be able to pass - Vivian Fay uses her staff to create a static circle that you see visibly on the ground that the Doctor can penetrate

11. The fact that Flocke has taken on the form of Locke and takes Sawyer to a cliff that leads to a cave which for a time he is dangling for his life on the rope ladder and you see the ocean beneath him. Flocke eventually saves him - Vivian Fay takes the form of the Doctor and is lured to the edge of a cliff and pushed off by Vivian and she is left hanging on by the rock edges that she has managed to grab onto and you see the ocean beneath her. The real Doctor comes along and eventually rescues her

12. Sayid Jarrah no matter how he want to do good it always turns out bad and he ends up killing - Farrah (only off by one letter) Prince Reynart's swordsman who in the Reynarts service always ends up killing

13. Hurley being told by Jacob to enlist the help of J. Kwon to find the secret entrance to the temple. It ends up being a hole in the wall that they decend down to get to the temple - Doctor who having to get into Castle Graf to ensure that the Prince is not cheated from his thrown has to find a way in. Reynarts man knows a secret way in that happens to be a hole in the wall that leads to an underground passage the nobility used to pass in and out of the castle without have to encouter the peasants during a plague

14. Jacob shown weaving on a loom, maybe the reason the black rock found its way to the island - Princess Strella held prisoner weaving a tapestry in her cell

15. The numerous mention of balance, the scales, the balance of good and evil in a person - A tapestry in Madame Lamia's lab that looks somewhat like a balanced scale, the Captains balanced planets

16. Smokey is revealed to be a man in the form of Flocke (the man is the monster) - Romana being sacrificed to Krull the Monster. A native dressed up in the form of Krull is about to kill Romana and the Doctor intervenes and unmasks the monster as just a man

17. In the temple once they had learned that Jacob was dead Dogen fired a flare type device into the sky - On the methane refinery where a character named Dugeen works they fire the methane collected into orbit to be harvested (looked similar and just in case you weren't paying attention check out the names)

18. Locke decends into the well to find answers to stop them from Jumping through time - The Doctor descends into something that looks very similar to that well to retrieve answers about what is happening on the moon and avert it

19. The number 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42 being entered into the Swan Station every 108 minutes - The crew onboard the methane refinery every 10 hours although automated watch the computer to ensure that everything goes ok with the methane firing and then the counter resets (Also when the Doctor created the 3 second timing loop then countdown started and 10 and ended with 8 before it reset (108). Also I have found 4 of the 6 numbers mentions in the series will have to watch again to find the rest.

20. Jack and crew fire off Jughead a hydrogen bomb - On the Armageddon Factor the Doctor travels to a planet that is in the middle of a nuclear war

21. Both Claire and Sayid were said to be taken over by a darkness that Dogen belives comes from the MIB - The Marshall is being controlled by the Shadow who is a servent of the Black Guardian

22. The black and white contrasts in season 6 to items that appear on the show - Every episode on the Key To Time has similar contrasts to black and white

23. The island being in one location and then just up and disapears and then appearing somewhere else and the Losties traveling through time- The Doctors TARDIS dematerialized from one location and then materializes in another. It traverses both space and time

24. Dogen being killed by Sayid and then Smokey with what looks like tentacles grabs men in the temple - Dugeen being killed by one of his men and then Krull the giant squid like creature uses his tentacles to grap men from the methane refinery

25. Sayid and Claire being strapped down to operating table device being electrocuted and tortued to find the balance of good and evil in them - The Doctor and Romana being held in the Shadows machine to get the truth out them about the location of the 5 segments of the Key of Time that the Doctors has. Each time they don’t tell the truth they get zapped with some form of electricity

26. Claire being thrown into the hole as Dogen puts it and when Kate shows up you can see smaller stones in the pit - The Natives in the Power of Krull episode that tells Romana he would have rather had them killed by the 1st ritual of throwing them in a pit and have rocks thrown at them

27. In LAX Part 1 when Jack gets up and goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror there is a red mark on his neck and he appears to not know where it comes from – In the Armageddon Factor the Marshall stares into a mirror blindly and he has a black control device on his neck. You eventually learn the Marshal is being controlled by the Shadow. The Shadow is a minion of the Black Guardian. (The mark on Jacks neck represents the control that the dark side has or had over him.)

28. The character Garron in Doctor who was a conman who had to leave Earth because he sold Sydney Harbor (In Australia) to an Arab who discovered that he was being conned after he asked him to throw in the Opera House and Garron wouldn’t. This is a link to where the lost characters started.

29. Don’t know how I missed it before but the character that I believe that Locke is based off Sholakh has a scar on the same side of his face as Locke only bigger.

30. In Season 3 Episode 8 “Flashes Before Your Eyes” Desmond can be seen wearing a scarf with the same color palate as that of the Tom Baker Doctor Who. This is the Doctor Who from the Key To Time series. The scarf was one of the things that was associated with this Doctor Who.

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