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Character Profile - Kate Austen

Kate Austen was based upon 2 characters from Doctor Who.  For the point of this character profile I will show you how they fashioned her traits.  On Doctor Who: The Face of Evil there is a character named Leela.  She is a warrior in the Sevateem tribe.  She is self sufficient and speaks her mind when she has something to say.  She lets those around her know if they are doing something that she considers detrimental to the tribe.  In her latest rant she is questioning whether Xoanan (the god they believe in) (can you say Jacob) is real and whether Neeva is just using the idea of Xoanan to have the tribe do his bidding.  When she does this she has 2 choices – One, take the test of the Horda and risk her own life or two, be banished from the tribe and cross the barrier.  There is another option and that is someone can take the test on your behalf.

The following are snapshots taken from this exchange along with the transcripts.

(In a wicker and wood hall, a scantily leather-clad tribe of people meet to decide the fate of a young woman.)

CALIB: You are the leader, Andor. It is for you to decide. But there can be but one punishment for such a heresy. Banishment.
(The leader is sitting on a throne which looks like it has some high-tech origin.) 

Leela and Andor

Sole (Leela's Father) and Tomas
ANDOR: What say you, Sole? 

SOLE: (old man) You know you should not ask. 

ANDOR: Then it is agreed. You must be sent beyond. 

TOMAS: No! She's young, she spoke rashly. 

LEELA: Don't beg, Tomas. What I said was the truth.

NEEVA: What she said profaned the holy purpose of the tribe of Sevateem. 
(The tribal shaman, with bald head and metal badge of office around his neck, steps forward.) 


LEELA: Holy purpose? To die in another useless attack? 

NEEVA: The great god Xoanon demands that she be cast out. He told me this.

LEELA: Liar! There is no Xoanon.

NEEVA: Blasphemy!

ANDOR: Leela, will you take the test of the Horda?
(Leela shakes her head.)

ANDOR: Will any take it for her? 

SOLE: I will. 

LEELA: No. You'll be killed too.

SOLE: Be silent, daughter. You have said enough. 

ANDOR: Test him.
(Two bare-chested young men take Sole away.) 

LEELA: Andor, please, call them back. What I said, I was wrong. Forgive me, please. Neeva, greatest shaman, Speaker of Law, forgive me, please. 

ANDOR: Be silent, girl. Your father was a warrior. Do not shame him.
(Screams come from off camera. Leela and Tomas both use their right hands to touch their neck, left shoulder and left hip as a form of blessing.) 

ANDOR: Outcast of the tribe of Sevateem, be gone from us. 

NEEVA: Spawn of the evil one, return to your master.

ANDOR: You have until sunrise. If you are still within the boundary then, you must be thrown to the Horda. 

(Leela leaves. The tribal men gather in groups to mutter amongst themselves, all except Tomas.) 

Although it wasn’t on purpose Leela ended up being responsible for the death of her father as he took the test of the horda on her behalf and died.  Leela was then banished but she knew that she couldn’t cross the barrier as she would die from invisible creatures that lived in the jungle stomping the jungle foliage (Can you say Smokey).  So she ended up on the outskirts on the run from her tribe who were bound to kill her if she was caught on their side of the barrier.

Now you will see how the scene played out in Lost.  

Kate's Father - Wayne Janssen

Kate's mom - Diane Janssen

They just had Kate kill her father on purpose.  In a sense she banished herself by committing the crime.  Lost is a remake and I can’t make this stuff up!

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