Monday, May 17, 2010

How I believe Lost will end based upon The Key to Time

Since the show seems to be skipping back and forth between the Pirate Planet episode and the Chaos Pool I came to the following conclusion. Smokey is being portrayed as the Captain and as you can see how they both yearn for freedom.

Captain: This planet? This vile lumbering planet? Devil storms, Mr. Fibuli! You are a callow fool! Do you not see how my heart burns for the dangerous liberty of the skies? Plunder, battle and escape! My soul is imprisoned, bound to this ugly lump of blighted rock, beset by zombie Mentiads and interfering Doctors!

Mr. Fibuli: But what can they do to you Captain?

Captain: Enough! They shall die! By the flaming moons of hell, they shall die!

Whereas the Captain is bound to what he calls “This vile lumbering planet.” The MIB is bound to the island and has always yearned for freedom. The Captain also says his soul is imprisoned much the same way that the MIB’s soul or essences is trapped within the Smoke Monster. I also assume that the voice that we heard in “Jacob’s cabin” saying “help me” was the MIB because he was trapped or imprisoned.

I now fast forward to a scene to where the Doctor is in chains tied to a pillar by the Captain. The following conversation takes place after the Doctor riles the Captain up:

Captain: Silence!

Doctor: You’re just trying to shut me up. You can’t kill me while I’m helpless.

Captain: Can’t I?

Doctor: No, you can’t. Because you’re a warrior and it’s against the warriors code. You should have thought of that before you tied me up.

Captain: By the hounds of hell.

Doctor: Hard to listen Captain when someone’s got a finger on a nerve, eh? What is it that you’re really up to? What do you want? You don’t want to take over the universe do you? No. You wouldn’t know what to do with it beyond shout at it.

[The Captain goes on to tell Mr. Fibuli to release the Doctor and he goes on to show/tell him part of his plan but not all]

I see this as summing up what the Smoke Monster is. Again I look back to Richard when he was chained up in the bottom of the ship. Smokey didn’t kill him almost the same way the Doctor summed up the Captain not killing him. When it came to others (i.e. Mr. Eko) however who were armed or a threat or not worthy as it were he was able to kill them. It was almost like a warrior’s code. When Richard was released the MIB went on to tell him part of what he thought he needed for him to hear in order to carry out his plan of killing Jacob but not the whole thing. The Captain then goes on and tells the Doctor the following:

Doctor: What are they for? [Referring to the mummified remains of the planets that he had plundered] Tombstones, memorials to the worlds you destroyed?

Captain: Not memorials, these are the remains of the worlds themselves.

Doctor: You come her to gloat at the wanton destruction you’ve wreaked on the universe.

Captain: [He whispers] I come here to dream of freedom.

I believe that this is where they got the idea for the MIB seeking freedom. The Captain himself yearns to be free. He has put together a plan to use the energy from the planets that he has gathered together to get inside the time dams that are keeping Queen Xanxia alive and thus kill her once and for all.

Fast Forward to the part near the end when Queen Xanxia shows her hand. The Doctor at this point has already figured out that the Captain was under the Queen’s thumb. She wanted eternal life and would do anything to get it. The Doctor and Roman stop their plans from making the Earth their next target and the Captain says the following when he finds Mr. Fibuli dead after the explosion on the bridge:

Captain: Mr. Fibuli… dead. Dead… He was a good man. Somehow, somehow Mr. Fibuli, my friend… you shall be avenged.

Queen Xanxia is killed shortly after that by Kimus.

Is this a sign of maybe what is to come? Will Zoe (By the way her name means life, ironic this is what Queen Xanxia wanted and that I think and have said in earlier posts that she is the Queen Xanxia of Lost) show her hand being a geophysicist may have figured out what the light is and is in search of it for herself. Will she be killed shortly after revealing what she is after much like Queen Xanxia? Then we come to the Captain kneeling over Mr. Fibuli. Could the “He was a good man” quote be a reference to Jacob? Will Jacob be killed and the MIB kneel over his body in much the same way. Remember the part where Jacob asked his mother “Am I good, mother.” Also I like that the Captain said “my friend” as that is one of the MIB’s signature sayings.

I then think the show will move on to the waterfall aka the “Chaos Pool” where the show will end with someone making a decision that will break the loop. I believe this to be Jack, because the one that made the decision at the Chaos Pool was the one who was shown to be someone else when they looked in the mirror. Which of our losties have been infatuated with mirrors the most? That would be Jack. But I do believe that Desmond will help guide him to the decision that he is going to have to make, the same way the Doctor did. I think that the decision made will end up sinking the island. Whether Jack eventually turns over the role of protector to Smokey/MIB/Locke and then he/it/they decide to sacrifice their existence in order to gain the only freedom that he/it/they can have… DEATH.

This is much the same logic that Xoanan the computer had: (Xoanan’s logic was destroy, be free). I once thought that we were going to come down to multiple personalities between the MIB and Jacob. Now I see that the multiple personality is going to be with Smokey/MIB/Locke and whoever else exists within the entity. Because of all the personalities “the protector of the island”, which I believe Smokey to be, is going to be shown to be somewhat insane like Xoanan the computer was. I do believe that you will get to see that when it is all said and done that the last words that are uttered by the he/it/they entity will be either free or freedom and quite possibly thank you. Everything from that point on in Doctor Who turned out fine as the universe was again set in balance. The Doctor ended up taking the key itself and jumping into the Chaos Pool and it turned it off as it were. Could Desmond the one who we know can survive the electromagnetic energy do something very similar?


  1. What is Xoanan and how does it fit?

    Simplified version: The Doctor goes to the jungle planet early in his 4th regeneration. He tried to assist with a computer by interfacing it with his brain. Being not completely regenerated he forgets to wipe his imprint from the computer. He leaves the planet and while not completely regenerated he forgets the entire encounter. He returns years later, maybe hundreds of years later as no exact timeframe is given, and finds that the computer Xoanan was not a computer but a sentient life form. It developed its own personality and that was fused with the Doctors imprint. It became schizophrenic and develops a good side (Xoanan) and a bad side (The Evil One).

    When the Doctor arrives back on the planet years later it believes that it must destroy the Doctor in order to be free or sane again. It then goes off and says the following using multiple voices, one being that of a woman:

    “We are return. We are here, we are here. We are return. We, we. Now we shall be one. We are here. We are return. We are here. We are return. Now we shall be one. Now we must destroy us. We, we. Now we shall be one. We are return. We are here. Now we must destroy us to become one one one one.”

    If Smokey were destroyed (i.e. the light goes out) would that equate to freedom? I think it would personally and all the souls trapped within it would be free also. But I just keep thinking back to the island underwater at the beginning of this the final season. If Smokey is the heart of the island and if it were destroyed it would stand to reason that the island would sink. I choose to believe that it will be destroyed but only briefly. I say this because I think back to what the mother told both Jacob and the MIB – if the light goes out here it goes out everywhere. If the flash sideways is any indication I would think that they may let the island resurrect itself and the light gets restored bringing about balance again between what the island is and the world as we know it.

    Is this what has happened to the Smoke Monster? Did it fuse its own personality with that of the MIB and Locke? I only say both as it is behaving like both men. Are there other there also fused with it. Has the MIB’s personality become the dominant personality? Will Locke’s personality bleed through and provide direction at a key moment? Will Jack be asked to do something by the Locke personality maybe asking him to trust him, taking a leap of faith, to do the right thing that will save them all?

    Xoanan saw the Doctor as a threat to its very existence as the Doctor contradicted everything that it thought was real. Does Desmond represent the same type of threat to Smokey? Is this the reason why Flocke feels threatened by Desmond? Does Desmond’s attitude towards Flocke, not fearing him at all and not provoking him, prevent Flocke from killing him? Does it go back to being tied to a pillar and the warrior’s code? I say yes to all the above.

  2. I almost forgot about K-9 in this episode. He ended up saving the Doctor in this episode when the Captain was about to kill him. K-9 shows up just in time to distract the Captain and the Doctor makes his escape.

    In the Chaos Pool there is a description of a dog like creature who leads the Doctor to the Chaos Pool.

    The Chaos Pool:

    They also hear the dog creature coming back in their direction, so they try to move away before it gets their scent…but it’s too late! The Doctor politely introduces himself and Zara to the dog creature, who then starts beckoning at them to follow him.

    Will Lost follow a similar pattern of events? Only time will tell.

  3. They need to play the Doctor Who theme music at the concert!!!!!