Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How I believe Lost will end based upon The Key to Time Part 2

After watching the “What They Died For” episode I watched the Face of Evil again as again I was seeing several similarities. It appears that they may just end the show with the combination of The Face of Evil and the Chaos Pool.

What struck at me immediately is when the Doctor had escaped with Leela and the Tesh were sent to find them. As the Doctor made is way to level 37 Xoanan monitors see this and say “Us within us, we shall make two one.” The leader of the Tesh says the following:

Jabel: Gentek is the guard posted outside the sacred heart?

I believe this to be key as all left remaining on Lost are heading towards what has been referred to as the heart of the island.

Leela renders the guard unconscious and the following conversation takes place:

Doctor: Keep watch.

Leela: Can’t I come with you.

Doctor: Xoanan’s unstable. He might kill me. He’d certainly kill you. Anyway we need someone on guard.

Leela: Doctor be careful.

The Doctor enters the room and Xoanan repeats several times: “Who are you?” A light then comes from somewhere above the Doctor which is a scan by Xoanan and the following is said:

[Will this signify the light that is the island?]

Doctor: I ‘m the Doctor. I’ve come to correct a mistake I made when I was here before.

Xoanan: We have made no mistake.

Doctor: I made the mistake. I made the mistake.

The light that is shining on the Doctor intensifies.

[I believe that Lost just adapted the mistake and assigned it to Jacob instead of the Doctor character who I believe to be Desmond.]

Doctor: For generations teams of technicians had worked on the computer trying to extend its power. Without realizing it they had created life. The computer hadn’t failed at all. It had evolved into a living creature. The first of an entirely new species. When I arrived it had just been born. It was in shock. I didn’t recognize the birth trauma and that was my mistake. When I connected my own brain to it, it just didn’t take compatible information as a machine should have done, it took everything. When it woke it had a complete personality, mine. It thought I was itself. Then it began to develop another separate self. Its own self and that’s when it started to go mad.

[I believe that this is how the writers of Lost came up with the Smoke Monster character. The MIB’s merging with the Light at the bottom of the waterfall creating a character that had multiple personalities.]

[I also believe that these final scenes that start with the Doctor entering the room will take place at the bottom of the waterfall where the light emanates from.]

Xoanan asks where is this machine and the Doctor responds with “Its here Xoanan, it’s you.

The light scanning the Doctor goes out. Xoanan couldn’t accept that its personality was the same as the Doctor’s and started attacking his mind. When Xoanan is confronted by the Doctor he doesn’t accept the truth of what the Doctor says (the scene switches to outside of the room): Leela asks one of the Tesh what’s happening and he responds with:

[Will the light truly go out on the island? I believe that it may but I also believe that it will be rekindled.]

Tesh: The failsafe (all the corridor lights turn red)

Leela: What does it mean?

Tesh: The end of the world.

Leela: Why, why?

Tesh: It means death and destruction. It happened before the time of land.

The scene goes back to inside the room and Xoanan constantly repeats “Who am I?”

Go forward to near the end when Xoanan has activated an atomic bomb as he doesn’t want to accept the truth of what the Doctor has told him. The Doctor tells Leela that he’s got about 24.5 minutes to build a Reverse Memory Transfer System and wipe his personality print from Xoanan’s brain. Xoanan gains control of the minds of both the Tesh and the Sevateem members to stop the Doctor. The grab the Doctor and are about to kill him when Neeva (the Richard character of Lost) grabs one of the disrupters and shoots a computer terminal. Everyone releases the Doctor and he is able to active the device.

[Does this mean that the MIB’s personality will be removed from Smokey?]

The Doctor awakes after two days and Leela tells him that there hasn’t been a peep out of Xoanan since he was unconscious. She also tells him that Jabel’s people don’t dare go near the sacred heart.

Xoanan is now free of the Doctor’s personality. Both Xoanan and his dark side are gone. What remains is a totally rational entity. The entity that keeps the name Xoanan tells the Doctor that they are all free thanks to him.

In the end Xoanan offers both sides a choice. The Doctor goes to both sides and says the following:

Doctor: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Democracy at work I see. [Both sides were arguing]
He said he’s extremely sorry about all the trouble he’s caused and he has great power and knowledge and he puts it all at your disposal. He offers you this as a token of his good faith. [The doctor pulls out a device with a red button on it] Press it and he ceases to exist.

No one presses the button and the Doctor exists the scene and heads back to his TARDIS. Leela accompanies him and becomes his next companion.

[I don’t know about another choice being made but I wonder about the part about pressing the button. Is this where they got the idea that if Smokey got free that everything would cease to exist?]

[I believe that Desmond will play a key part in setting everything right]

Note: I’m not saying that Doctor Who is completely original in its concept far from it. What I am saying is that the core of Lost comes from these10 episodes of Doctor Who. They are The Face of Evil, The 6 part Key to Time episode: The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet, The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, The Power of Kroll, The Armageddon Factor followed by the 3 audio books: The Judgement of Isskar, The Destroyer of Delights and The Chaos Pool.


  1. What my friends and I were discussing today: The fact that both Jack and Desmond have told Locke that he has to let go. What does that mean? We believe it to mean that Locke lets go of who he is in this reality and that he would become part of Smokey and may dominate the MIB's personality. If this was the case and the MIB tries to get to the other side which we think he plans to use Locke's body in the FS. With everything being the opposite it seems and with all the mirrors we assume that he could inhabit a live person in the FS. We also believe that Desmond and crew will use Christian's body to trap the MIB and thus be rid of him in both realities. Lost is a great show in that it opens the door to hours of conversation. We are all tolerant to each others ideas as they are only guesses anyway until someone or no one is proven right.

  2. It seems that the conversation that Juliette was having may now in fact be with Jack at the concert. Will this be a new beginning for them and how will that play in with Jack taking the Job and all. Will he give it up to Locke? If that is the case then it appears that Sawyer and Kate end up together possibly.

  3. The line that Hurley says "I'm just glad its not me." Is this going to come back into play? Could Hurley assume the mantle?

  4. However it all ends they need to play the Doctor Who Incidental Music at the concert!!!!