Sunday, July 29, 2012

Character Profile - Jacob

Who exactly was Jacob?  He was the ageless protector of the island.  He was mostly seen dressed in white. His brother "The Man in Black" was his opposite in that he wanted to destroy the island and was mostly seen dressed in black.  Although everything that happened on the island was a result of Jacob's influence you hardly saw his direct involvement.  Although the fight was between Jacob and "The Man in Black" their fight was carried out through those who Jacob brought to the island.

Jacob was based upon the White Guardian.  The White Guardian was in an eternal struggle with the Black Guardian.  The White Guardian was a protector of the universe whereas the Black Guardian thrived off chaos and wanted the destruction of the universe.  The White Guardian was always dressed in white and the Black Guardian in black.  They could both assume any shape or form that they wanted.  The Guardians carried out their eternal fight through the inhabitants of the universe and not directly with each other.

Jacob was hardly ever seen and had little involvement in comparison to "The Man in Black".  He on the other hand would take the shape of people and things that would lead those that Jacob  had brought to the island to see things his way in order for him to manipulate them.  The same can be said of the White Guardian.  As a matter of fact throughout the entire Key to Time series he was only seen once and his voice was heard again in The Stones of Blood episode warning him to "Beware the Black Guardian".  The Black Guardian in the series played a more significant part in trying to obtain the Key to Time for himself.  He even tried taking on the guise of the White Guardian in trying to trick the Doctor into turning the Key to Time over to him.

The TARDIS being pulled off course and brought to the White Guardians domain

This is why Jacob didn't force someone into taking his place.  The person had to volunteer.

The White Guardian confirming this fact.

The White Guardian implying that if the Doctor doesn't volunteer essentially every thing that the Doctor knows will cease to be.

The Doctor accepting the task.

Jacob describes the consequences of someone not volunteering to take his place.  This is the same concept that the White Guardian describes to The Doctor of nothing ever happening again if he doesn't.  

Screen Captures: What They Died For

Lost in keeping true to the Doctor Who concept in the Key to Time of not being able to force the Doctor to take on the quest did the same.  Below you will see that Jacob who is the White Guardian equivalent in Lost doesn't force the candidates to take his place but gives them all "the choice he never had" and allows one to step up and volunteer. 

Screen Captures: What They Died For

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