Saturday, March 6, 2010

How many times can you say “Who are you?” Season 6 – Lost – LA X Parts 1 & 2 observations

In the Doctor Who world when he travels the Cosmos he always encounters different humanoid people. During a lot of his adventures these humanoids more times than naught ask him “Who are you?”

- After Jacob is killed and Ben comes out of the temple Illana asks Ben where is Jacob? Ben then asks Illana “Who are you?”

- In the jungle when Hurley and Jacob are talking and towards the end of their conversation Hurley asks Jacob “Who are you?”

- Jacobs body guard Bram pointed the gun at Flocke after they learn that Jacob is dead asks Flocke “Who are you”. Flocke responds with don’t worry about me.

- Right after Smokey has killed Jacobs’s body guards and transforms back into Flocke Ben asks Flocke “What are you?” Flocke promptly responds with “I’m not a what Ben, I am a Who”

- After entering the temple with Sayid, Dogen asks in Japanese and then it is translated into English “Who are you?” The stewardess from the plane responds with I know who they are they were on the first plane, Oceanic 815, along with me.

- I’ll throw this one in just because it’s my page and I can. After learning that Jacob is dead Dogen orders everyone to their posts. Dogens translator speaking to Hurley says “this isn’t to keep you in it’s to keep him out.” Hurley then responds with him Who.

- This just stood out to me from watching the Key to Time. Jacob was burned up in the fire. When the Doctor went into the furnace after K-9 the Marshal responded with “He wasn’t even singed”

- The alligator type face on the statue above Jacobs temple reminded me of the 4th piece to the key of time which kind of looked like an alligator type snout.

Theories: Constantly changing with each episode.

I believe that Jacob is on the bad side. I also believe that Flocke is on the side of good.

I believe that when a person dies on the island they are considered out of the game and placed back into the real world. Most likely the sideways flash forward that we are seeing. I believe that Juliet was in both realities when she was dying and was talking to James when she said “We should get coffee sometime. We can go dutch.” It was solidified for me when Sawyer used Miles to talk to Juliet after she was dead and she said “It worked”

I believe that when Hurley asked Jacob what was on the paper besides their names Dogen’s translator said if your friend in there dies we’re in a lot of trouble. I believe Jacob knew that if Sayid died that he would get claimed by Flocke.

I think somehow Flocke polluted the water of the healing pool.

Questions that I have:

- Where is Flocke’s home? When talking with Ben he says he wanted the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.

- Why did Smokey type music play when Miles made contact with Juliet after she was dead? Was Smokey assisting Miles to let Sawyer know that everything was going to be OK?

- Why did Flocke say “I’m very disappointed, in all of you.” Was this because he knew that they had all been tricked into believing a lie told by Jacob.

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