Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why Lost used the Ancient Dagger and the reason behind "If he speaks, it will already be too late."

We see the Doctor, hands tied, laying on a huge stone after being knocked out by Mr. De Vries.  Mr. De Vries calls the Doctor a blasphemer twice after he comes to and makes jokes about  whether or not the knife had been sterilized and about the Cailleach riding a bicycle.  Because the Doctor made the wise cracks it bought him enough time for Professor Rumford to come down the road interrupting the ceremony sacrificing the Doctor to the Cailleach.  The knife that Mr. De Vries uses is a ceremonial knife that he as the leader of the Druidic cult uses in their ceremonial sacrifices of animals.

Lost simply took this fact and ran with it.  The word blasphemer translates to one who speaks evil.  They then threw in the ancient dagger which we see from a chronological aspect comes from “The Man inBlack.”  He first gives it to Richard telling him to kill Jacob which he tells him is the Devil.  The Devil in many religions is said to be the “personification of evil.”  We then see the knife again given to Sayid by Dogen telling him to kill the person who he describes as “evil incarnate.”  Both “The Man in Black” and Dogen tell Richad and Sayid respectively not to let their targets speak a word.  It was said that if they are allowed to speak then it would already be too late.  This was just a play on the fact that once the Doctor was able to speak he gained enough time and didn’t end up being sacrificed.

Screen Captures: Sundown

Screen Captures: Ab Aeterno

The only person to be killed with the ancient dagger that we are aware of is Mother.  “The Man in Black” came up behind her and stabber her with it without her ever being able to speak before he stabbed her.  

Screen Captures: Across The Sea

So for those of you who wanted to know the reason why if a word was spoken it would be too late was said in Lost – you now know.  Lost is nothing more than a clever REMAKE!!!

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