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Lost - Season 1 episodes 1 - 3 seen through the eyes of Doctor Who

This is how Lost starts:

[Shot of Jack's eye opening, looking up at bamboo trees. Overhead shot panning out to show Jack is lying injured in a jungle. Jack sees a dog, slowly gets up, in pain. Finds a little liquor bottle in his pocket. Then he runs though the bamboo and emerges on a tropical beach. He sees plane wreckage and people running around, screaming, in distress.

The episode starts with the Doctor (Jack in this instance).  The part about the bamboo tress and the tropical beach is described by the Doctor.  Of course the dog (i.e Vincent) is K-9.

(Animals call in the night, and a cybermat shaped thing with a small forked tail slithers along the sandy ground as the Tardis materialises amongst dead looking trees. The Doctor steps out, looks around, and speaks to the camera.)
DOCTOR: I think this is not Hyde Park. Could be a nexial discontinuity. Must remember to overhaul those tracers. Put a knot in my hanky.
(His hanky already has a knot in it.)
DOCTOR: I wonder what that was for. Little look round, Doctor? Why not.

The Doctor pulling out his hanky was reason Jack did what he did in the opening sequence (i.e. Jack pulling a liquor bottle out of his pocket)

Screen Captures: Doctor Who: The Face of Evil

The plane wreckage that we see during the opening scenes of Lost is described here.  The part about the the Captain having extensive injuries is Jack and the unknown person having performed surgery on him is Kate sewing him up in the jungle.

Some of the wreckage of the spaceship that crashed on the jungle planet years ago.

DOCTOR: They're space travellers, Andor. Men from another world. The whole place is littered with their equipment, their weapons and tools.

The equipment that the Doctor mentions that is littered all about is the parts of the plane that the survivors used for shelter and tools in Lost just like was done in The Face of Evil.

Screen Captures: Doctor Who: The Face of Evil

The Doctor, alone in the TARDIS, arrives on a mysterious jungle planet which he cannot resist exploring.

The mention of the Doctor not being able to resist exploring is the why Jack was shown running toward the plane and doing what he did.

In the jungle beyond, she (Leela) encounters the Doctor, who soon wins her over by defending her from invisible monsters that rampage about,

Both the Doctor and Leela hear dinosaur type noises and see the jungle foliage moving but nothing is seen.  Remember the survivors all standing around that first night looking at the trees being knocked down and the "dinosaur" type noises that they described not knowing what was going on?

Andor being killed by the invisible monster in the jungle (i.e. the pilot being killed after Jack and crew go looking for the transceiver)

It's funny because the Doctor makes a joke about transceivers:

Andor seen sitting in a pilots chair
Another view of pilots chair

This is the scene where Sayid, Sawyer Kate, Boone and Shannon climb the mountain to get a better signal.  They encounter a polar bear and Sawyer kills it. Eventually they find that they are being blocked by Rousseau's radio transmission that had been repeating for 16 years.

About to climb the mountain

The Taran Beast is where they got the idea of placing the Polar bear in the middle of the jungle.

This is where they got the ideas for Rousseau's signal blocking the transceiver's transmission

[Shot of the group around a fire at night. Sayid putting a rock on the ground, and holding a torch.]
SAYID: This is Australia [indicating the rock]. This is us [indicating the torch].

SAWYER: Nice stick.

SAYID: Two days ago we take off from Sydney. We fly along the same north east route every commercial airliner bound for Los Angeles does. Now the pilot, he said he lost communication with the ground, correct?

KATE: Yeah, 6 hours in. He turned around and headed for Fiji.

SAYID: So, we changed course. Regrettably, no one knew we changed course. The turbulence hit. We know the rest. [Sayid puts the torch's fire out.]

This is how the whole Sydney Australia thing plays out on Doctor Who.  Doctor Who shows Garron running from things in his life and his problems started in Sydney Australia.  On Lost they just put all the main characters in the same location Sydney and started the journey that is Lost there.

Garron started out in Sydney Australia also - you really think this a coincidence?

Kate agrees to work for Ray Mullen, a farmer with a prosthetic right arm.  On Doctor Who Romana agrees to work for the Captain who has a prosthetic left arm trying to repair his macromat field integrator.  If you read my blogs on Kate you will see that she takes on the characteristics of Romana.

Locke makes a dog whistle to find Vincent.  This episode of Doctor Who is the first time the doctor made a dog whistle so that he could call his dog K-9

If you check out the rest of my webpage you can see the different characters from Lost and where they came from in Doctor Who.  This is by no means a coincidence - LOST IS A REMAKE.

I challenge anyone who believes that they can think of any (ONE) show that Lost pulled more material from to create their show.  If you want to take on the challenge hit me up on my twitter link below:

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

Join me in spreading the word!  Together we can make a difference.

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