Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Richard really lost faith in Jacob in the end

Neeva was a Sevateem shaman and the priest of Xoanan, who communicated with him by transceiver.  He was the only one who had contact with Xoanan and relayed his messages to rest of the Sevateem tribe.  It wasn’t until Neeva learned that Xoanan was also aiding the Tesh that he turned against Xoanan.  After he learned that Xoanan had lied to him and the Sevateem for years he tried to kill him but he was killed instead. 

(This room is directly behind the meeting hall. Neeva is relaxing on what looks suspiciously like an acceleration couch when Tom Baker calls his name.)
XOANON [Off Camera]: Neeva! Neeva!
Screen Captures: Doctor Who: The Face of Evil

(Neeva kneels down.)
NEEVA: Speak, lord, for your servant hears.

XOANON [Off Camera]: The girl Leela has returned across the boundary. You have failed

NEEVA: O great god Xoanon, I have faithfully done all that you commanded of me. 

XOANON [Off Camera]: You crawling thing, do you presume to argue?

(Neeva grovels.)
NEEVA: No, master. Forgive me.

XOANON [Off Camera]: She and the one who is with her must be destroyed. See that it is done. 

[Level 37]

XOANON: Free! 
NEEVA: Xoanon! 
XOANON: Destroy! Free!
NEEVA: Xoanon! 

NEEVA: Die, Xoanon! 

XOANON: Destroy! Free! 

NEEVA: Die! 
(An energy beam comes from the mouth on the door, and Neeva vanishes.)

XOANON: Neeva. 

Neeva vaporized
How Richard came to take on the same role as Neeva and start relaying messages to his "tribe" The Others".

Screen Captures: Ab Aeterno

Richard came to the reality that he was lied to by Jacob just as Neeva came to the same conclusion about Xoanan.  On Doctor Who the Sevateem and the Tesh and on Lost the Others and DHARMA thought of Xoanan and Jacob respectively as a "god".

Screen Captures: Ab Aeterno

Like I keep telling you all Lost is nothing more than a clever REMAKE!!!

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

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