Saturday, May 22, 2010

I don’t think Jack has been Jack since the beginning!!!

I went back to look at the pilot episode and I come the conclusion that Jack hasn’t been Jack since the plane crashed. When we first see him he is lying in the bamboo field and he opens his eyes. We next see Vincent and he is just watching Jack and then he just runs off. The next time we see Vincent he is hiding in the bushes just watching as Jack, Kate and Charlie hike through the jungle in search of the planes cockpit. He remains out of sight trying not to be seen. What could make a dog act in such a way? Does he know something that we don’t?

This just makes me think of Doctor Who because of two things that seem to be critical when it comes to Jack. First the mark that was on the Marshal’s neck located in the same spot as the blood spot on Jack’s neck was a control device. Second the person that made the decision at the Chaos Pool that was fed by the waterfall was the same person that was revealed not to be the person that they were pretending to be. Looking into the mirror in the Doctor Who story revealed who the person really was. Is Jack not who we think he is? Has Jacob handed over the reigns of the island to an imposter? From the very beginning I have believed that Locke truly believed in the island. When we found out about the candidates I believed that he should be the one to take over the job. So the only question that remains is who is pulling his strings? Is this the twist that will have us all talking on Monday? What secret agenda is being perpetrated by Jacob or Locke that will turn out to be key to the entire plot?

Also I watched episode three and was reminded of another Doctor Who similarity. When the Key to Time series first started with the Ribos Operation we see the Doctor in his TARDIS and he is blowing a whistle. It turns out he had just made a whistle that he could us to call K-9 if he ever needed him wherever he was. He blows the whistle and K-9 responds with “master” and the Doctor utters the words “it works.” Well Locke made a dog whistle out of wood and is able to lure Vincent in so that Walt can be reunited with his dog.

I don’t think Vincent would have ever come in on his own had Locke not made the whistle. I don’t know why he acted the way he did but I believe that it has everything to do with Jack or whoever it is that is pretending to be Jack. Note: all of my assumptions come from the fact that I am basing all my theories on the Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time series. I think this is the reason that they are going to replay this episode. Where was Jack at during the time that Kate was running for her life and after he had freed Charlie when they were being chased by Smokey?


  1. OK I had time to sleep on it and what if Christian Sheppard isn’t dead at all. What if it was he who was picking up Jacks body from Sydney and not the other way around? Remember the conversation on the beach between Jack and Kate when she was telling him that he didn’t seem afraid and he told her the story about operating on a girl for 13 plus hours and he was in the process of finishing up when he said he cut her Dural sack. He then says that he let the fear in but only for 5 seconds, as he counted, and after that he was able to push the fear aside and do what he had to do. Well in the flash that we had about this it was Christian who told Jack to count to 5 and told him that if he didn’t straighten up he was going to have to take over and finish the operation for him. What if Jack didn’t straighten up and Christian did take over the operation. What if Jack really didn’t have what it takes? Jack ended up the one drinking himself to death and Christian eventually went over to collect his body.

    In Lost you aren’t really dead until we see you die and we never saw Christian die. This would be great and sad all at the same time as we have lived most of Lost through the eyes of Jack and to find out that it wasn’t Jack all along and in fact it was his Father. Great tribute at the end to Star Wars, but props will still have to go out to Doctor Who because it was the backbone of the story!!!!!

  2. Christian would then say "I'm not Jack, I'm his father."