Monday, May 24, 2010

Where the idea for pulling the plug from the pond came from

When Desmond pulls the plug on the pond that contains the light the water drains, the waterfall stops running and chamber turns red. Then the earthquakes begin. I think the idea came directly from:

Excerpt fromThe Judgement of Isskar:

The Martian arrives at the top of the Pyramid and prepares to shoot. The Doctor points out that removing the segment will be like pulling a plug and they’re standing right over the hole.

For 12,000 years, life on Mars prospered peacefully. It was a world of builders, craftsmen and farmers - until the day the ground and sky betrayed them. When the plug was pulled from the gravity well it sent earthquakes and hurricanes across the planet surface for three decades. Almost everything was lost.

If you read my post: How I believe Lost will end based upon The Key to Time Part 2 you will see how they got the idea for the light being on, intensifies and then eventually goes out.

These events like all the others that I have posted mirror each other and occur to often to even be considered coincidence. I also think that they were paying homage to the planet Mars on which this story takes place by turning the chamber where the pond was red. I whole heartedly believe that the pond was the Chaos Pool from the last audio book of the Key to Time series.

The part in the story where Hurley and Ben pull Desmond back up after the light comes back on I think is a direct result from what happened in the Chaos Pool story. I have always thought of Desmond as the Doctor Who of the story.

The Chaos Pool:

Zara is angry that the Grace refuse to address her by her name, so she hands the Key to the Doctor, then he turns and jumps straight into the Chaos Pool. There’s a flash and everyone peers over the edge to see that the Pool has turned into a dark chasm full of jagged rocks. Moments later, the Doctor calls up to his friends and asks for their help getting him out.

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