Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why I created this page?

I created this page simply because most all forums and blogs kept trying to censor my ideas.

It all started when I created a Blog on Lostpedia on how I thought Lost was a rehash of the Doctor Who - The Key to Time series. I posted my ideas and a day later I thought how exciting it would be to share my ideas with others to see what they thought. I signed up for an account and I went through all steps to register. I tried logging in but I found that my account hadn't been activated to allow me to post anything. The next day I tried again what do you know nothing. I e-mailed the administrators but didn't receive anything back. I then tried to sign up for another account and the same thing happened. I sent numerous e-mails over a 4 day period and didn't get one response. During this timeframe I was posting my ideas to other sites and whenever I did people kept telling me I was posting spoilers but I didn't see it since I was only making comparisons between the shows. I then called my brother and had him create an account just to test the theory that maybe they were just not letting me register.

Well what do you know he went through the registration account and he was able to post right away. So using his account I posted my theory. It was rather large so I had to break it down into 3 parts. I got nothing but negative responses right away telling me how I had some nerve saying that Lost wasn't original in its concept and how I should basically go away. I defended my posts saying I had every right to express my opinion. Out of the total 14 posts that I made to the forum about 6 or so were responses to other while the rest were my ideas. Within a few hours of sharing my ideas I was promptly banned for trolling for a month. Trolling is basically defined as posting material looking for a fight.

I thought this was ridiculous and found other blogs and forums to post my ideas but no matter where I went I ran into the same type of responses. People not wanting to hear what I had to say and basically asking that I go away.

So now I have created this web page to let you judge for yourself. I don't ask anyone to take my word for anything. If you doubt what I am telling you watch the shows for yourself. Personally I have no reason to lie to you and if I were watching the shows would either prove me right or prove me wrong. I know I'm right in my comparisons so like I said judge for yourself.

I'm not saying I know how its going to end because the writers can do what they want to do. I'm basing my ideas on how it may end based upon how Doctor Who - The Face of Evil ended.

I will post all my theories to the show how I wrote them at the time I wrote them no editing. My theory started at the beginning of Season 6 so it is rather large.

Note: I am approaching this like a police detective (Just call me Sawyer). I am gathering the evidence to make my case and not try and validate anyone else’s theory. I read all theories and enjoy them but people seem to be under the impression that I should abandon my ideas just because they believe I couldn't possibly be right. Like I tell them all we will all know the truth in a few weeks and I'm sticking to my guns. At the very least they better give Doctor Who a big thumbs up on the DVD that will be released with all the insights into the whole series.

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