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Character Profile - Desmond Hume - Why he is the Doctor Who of Lost

This is a long blog but if you are patient you will learn:

-          Why Desmond is special and why the rules don’t apply to him and what those rules are
-          Why he had to have an MRI
-          Why he had to turn the “Fail-Safe” key
-          Why the sky turned purple
-          Why Desmond ultimately failed in saving Charlie’s life
-          Why Simmons died and was burned by the EM field
-          Why he was placed into the wooden box
-          Why he was transported into the afterlife (spanning hours)
-          Why to everyone around him it only appeared a few seconds had passed

This is a long blog but it is mostly just pictures to show the skeptics a one for one correlation between the shows.

The Forth Doctor (Tom Baker) is the Doctor to which I say that Lost based their series on (The Face of Evil and the Key to Time).  The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  They are a powerful race with the unique capability to travel through both time and space.  The Doctor respects life but from time to time has taken it to defend the greater good.  He tries above all else to preserve the time line based upon how he knows events have played out.  He could go back or forward and change events but he knows that one event no matter how insignificant can lead to a cascading affect and change the timeline (i.e. the butterfly effect).  I have said all along that Desmond Hume is the Doctor Who of Lost.  Say their names fast and they even sound similar.

The Doctor travels in a TARDIS (Time And RelativeDimensions In Space).  It appears from the outside to be made of wood and is stuck in the form of a british police box.  It is stuck because it’s Chameleon circuit is malfunctioning.  The chameleon circuit was the component of a TARDIS which changed its outer plasmic shell to assume a shape which blended in with its surroundings.  

When the Doctor travels with his companions in his TARDIS he can take them anywhere in the universe.  The most unique thing is that he can take them on a journey that could last years in actual time and still return them to the second that they left in the first place thus to the observer in the timeline that they left they never appeared to have left at all.


The following screen captures come from Doctor Who: The Face of Evil

(The Doctor keeps trying controls on the row of consoles.)

 DOCTOR: This whole control room's been disconnected, Jabel. It could take me days to find the complex. 

(The Doctor turns away, and a wall monitor lights up, showing Leela's peril.)

DOCTOR: I must be slipping. Jabel, where's the Holy of Holies?

JABEL: All the place of Land is holy. 
DOCTOR: But there must be somewhere on the ship?

JABEL: Ship? 

DOCTOR: Yes. Somewhere where no one's allowed to go.

JABEL: Yes, Lord. The Sacred Chamber. 
DOCTOR: Yes. Where is it? 

DOCTOR: Jabel, thank you. I

After the Doctor frees Leela they have the following conversation:

LEELA: Doctor, what is Xoanon?
DOCTOR: A machine that's become a living creature. An old mission computer with schizophrenia. Not a very pretty thought, is it. Not my fault.
(They round the corner to an intersection.)
LEELA: How is it your fault?
DOCTOR: When I was here before, I programmed Xoanon for the Mordee. Unfortunately I forgot to wipe my personality print from the data core. Or did I really forget? I forget if I forgot.
LEELA: You're not making yourself very clear, Doctor.
DOCTOR: It may have been my own egotism. Anyway, now it has a split personality and half of it is mine. Is that clear?
DOCTOR: Well, come on, then.
(A round CCTV camera watches them go.)

(The Doctor and Leela are visible in the globe.) 

XOANON 3: Us within us. We shall make two one.
(Xoanon laughs.) 

Us within us means that Xoanan see himself and the Doctor as the same  being.  Thus once the Doctor enter the same room as which he is housed (Level 37) the two will become one.

A single guard patrols outside a door kindly labeled 37. 

DOCTOR: Keep watch.

 LEELA: Can't I come with you? 

DOCTOR: Xoanon's unstable. He might kill me. He'd certainly kill you. Anyway, we need someone on guard.

LEELA: Doctor, be careful.

(The Doctor enters carefully. The voices start up.) 

XOANON 3: Who are you?
XOANON 2: Who are you?
XOANON: Who are you?
(And so on, overlapping.)
DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor. I'm the Doctor!
(The voices fade and the wall panels go dark. A beam of light comes down from the ceiling.)
XOANON 3: Who are you?
DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.
XOANON 2: Who are you?
DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor!
XOANON: Why have you come?
DOCTOR: To correct a mistake I made when I was here before.
XOANON: We have made no mistake.
XOANON 2: No mistake.
XOANON 3: No mistake.
DOCTOR: I made the mistake.
XOANON: No mistake.
DOCTOR: I made the mistake! When the ship was stranded, the computer broke down. I thought the data core had been damaged, so I renewed it by making a direct link with the compatible centres of my own brain.
XOANON: The psychian memory transfer.
DOCTOR: A variation of it, yes.
XOANON: Good. Very good. Go on.
XOANON 2: How did he find the ship?
XOANON 3: Don't interrupt. You'll spoil it.
DOCTOR: This isn't a fairy tale. It actually happened.

(Guards are sneaking up on all sides as Leela stands guard outside. She exchanges fire with Gentek, then another guard approaches, and she kills him. Gentek pins her down away from the door but she takes down another who tries to outflank her.)
DOCTOR: For generations, teams of technicians had worked on the computer, trying to extend its power.
XOANON: And did they damage the data core?
DOCTOR: No. No. Without realising it, they had created life. The computer hadn't failed at all. It had evolved into a living creature, the first of an entirely new species.
XOANON 2: A new species? Oh come now.
DOCTOR: Yes, a new species. When I arrived, it had just been born. It was in shock. I didn't recognise a birth trauma and that was my mistake. And when I connected my own brain to it, it didn't just take compatible information as a machine should have done. It took everything.
XOANON: Fascinating. Can I ask a question?
XOANON 3: Shush. Let him finish.
DOCTOR: When it woke, it had a complete personality. Mine. It thought I was itself. Then it began to develop another separate self, its own self. And that's when it started to go mad.
XOANON 2: And where is it?
XOANON 3: This poor mad
XOANON: Mad machine creature.
DOCTOR: It's here, Xoanon! I'm talking to it! It's you!
(Outside, Leela is still dodging the guards when the power in the stolen weapon runs out. Inside, the light beam turns off.)
DOCTOR: Xoanon? Xoanon?
XOANON 2: I grow tired. I'm thinking no longer.
DOCTOR: No, no, wait, Xoanon. I'm the Doctor. I'm separate, I'm real. You must acknowledge me.
XOANON: I will not think you.
XOANON 3: We are Xoanon.
DOCTOR: And I am the Doctor.
DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor!
DOCTOR: I am the Doctor!
XOANON [on the screens]: No! No! No! No!
(The Doctor falls to the floor.)
XOANON 4: Who am I? Who am I?

(The Tesh are closing in on Leela. She puts down the now useless weapon and takes out her hunting knife. Just as she confronts them, the lights flicker and go out, then red emergency lighting comes on. The Tesh retreat. Gentek sinks to the floor, afraid.) 

LEELA: What's happening? Tesh, what is it? You answer while you still have a head to answer with.

TESH: The fail-safe.

 LEELA: What does that mean? 

TESH: The end of the world.
Note: Remember Desmond was pushing the button every 108 minutes so as not to bring about the end of the world
LEELA: Why? Why? 

 TESH: It means death and destruction. It happened before the time of Land. 

 (Leela puts her knife away.) 

 LEELA: Hiding there isn't going to help, then. 
(She picks up his weapon and goes to the door to the computer room. It opens.) 

How Lost integrated the above scenes into their show.

Remember the part where Xoanan says "us within us"?  When Desmond Hume enters into the MRI machine notice that it has several letters and numbers on the display.  Then number that is important is 37.  Xoanan was housed behind a door with the number 37 on it.  Desmond being placed into the MRI machine fulfills the line "Us within us.  Two will become one."

Desmond awakens to the truth. 

Inman telling Desmond about the fail-safe key.

Desmond turning the fail-safe key turning the sky purple in the process.

[On-Island - Back in the operating room, Jack works on Ben's spine while Tom stands by looking green.]

JACK: You okay?

TOM: Yeah, I just don't like blood too much.

JACK: [holding a chunk of tissue in the air] Well, then you probably won't want to be looking at that. [he tosses it in a tray] So, if you really can get off the island why didn't you just take him to a facility? Why all this?

TOM: Because ever since the sky turned purple, we've been...
(They got this from the TESH telling Leela about the fail-safe and how it meant the end of the world when the emergency lights went off in the TESH facility)

[We see blood spurt up from Ben, and Jack takes a step back. The heart monitor starts beeping.] 

I didn't think I had to show all you loyal Lost fans the screen captures where Desmond tried several times to save Charlie from death after seeing them in visions.  Desmond ultimately lost this battle because the writers held true to the fact that the Doctor does his best not to change the timeline.

The following screen captures are from the episode “Because You Left.”  They confirm the fact that Desmond is special and the rules don’t apply to him.

Desmond awakes immediately with a memory of the conversation that he had years before on the island with Daniel.  Thus proving that for Desmond time isn't linear.

We know that Desmond then goes on to eventually find Eloise and relays Daniel's message.

Can you all say Doctor "Who"

We find out the "package" or the "who" was Desmond

Desmond pissed upon learning he was back on the island.

After he was transported into the "after-life" which took hours he ran into:




Charles Widmore






The "wooden box" that Desmond was placed in is Lost's representation of the TARDIS

This is why he is special.  Desmond is unique like the Doctor in that the rules of  "time and space" don't apply to him.

The reason why Simmons died on Lost and why he was shown burnt by the EM energy

The Doctor enters the furnace to save K-9

Simmons was shown burnt and Desmond was shown to be completely OK while both were explosed to the same EM energy.  The Marshal is implying that a normal person would have been burnt.

Make sure you see my other blog on Desmond:

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  1. I had been 100% thinking this exact same thing myself when watching lost. I had this weird sense that I knew Desmond somehow.. it was cause he is Dr Who lol well the Tom Baker one.