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Why "The Man in Black" didn't have a name

One of the most well know characters from Lost "The Man in Black" didn't have a name.  Did you think that strange?  From the first time we saw him on the beach with Jacob his "name" was never uttered.

Screen Captures: The Incident 

Jacob dressed in white and "The Man in Black" in black

When we see how they came to be on the island we learn that Jacob has always been Jacob but "The Man in Black" remained nameless.

Screen Captures: Across The Sea

Notice that Jacob is dress in light blanket and "The Man in Black" a dark blanket

As children the same things continue to play out.  Jacob always in white and "The Man in Black" in black.  Jacob's name is always spoken whereas the name of "The Man in Black" only comes out as "he, your, you or your brother etc.".

Screen Captures: Across The Sea

Not only did their clothing stand out as white and black but their hair color also.

So you are probably saying so what or what's the answer to why he didn't have a name.  Well the answer is simple and elegant.  It as always comes from Doctor Who and the actor, Valentine Dyall, who played the Black Guardian .  In the Key to Time series there are two guardians - The White Guardian and The Black Guardian.

Valentine Dyall

The fact that the Guardians could assume any shape for form they wished gives you further insight into why "The Man in Black" could assume so many different forms on the island (i.e. Locke, Christian Shepard, Alex Rousseau, Kate's horse, Richard's wife Isabella etc. etc.)

The Black Guardian who was pretending to be the White Guardian

Valentine Dyall who played the Black Guardian in the Key to Time series was best known for his most famous radio role as "The Man in Black".  As a matter of fact his nickname was "The Man in Black".  As a tribute to Valentine Dyall the writers and producers chose the name "The Man in Black".  As it is well known "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!"  So to those of you who have been paying attention you should know that Jacob is Lost's version of the White Guardian but that is a blog for another day.

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