Monday, July 2, 2012

Why Smokey feels the way he feels about being on the island

Part 1 Doctor Who: He's trapped

The Captain is trapped on Zanak by Queen Xanxia.

The part about "interfering Doctors!" to me is how the character Jack Shepard came about.

Why in my opinion The Man in Black tried to kill all the Candidates

Part 2 Doctor Who: Who's really in control

We learn that Queen Xanxia controls the Captain like a "puppet" via a control device located on her waist.

The Captain loses his best friend Mr. Fibuli because of Queen Xanxia's quest for eternal life.

Part 3 Doctor Who: The Loophole

The Captains plan to rid himself of Queen Xanxia explained
 (i.e. his loophole)

Part 1 Lost: He's trapped

Screen Captures: Across the Sea

The Boy in Black who will become the Man in Black wants to leave the island.  But finds he is trapped by their "foster mother"

Their "mother's" rule since she was the caretaker of the island prohibited Jacob and the Man in Black from hurting each other.  It also prohibited the Man in Black from leaving the island.

Screen Captures: The Substitute

The Man in Black lost his brother Jacob in that they became bitter enemies in his viewpoint 

Part 2 Lost: Who's really in control

Screen Captures: The Substitute

Jacob was pulling the puppet strings just like Queen Xanxia was with the Captain

We all know that Jacob's rules also controlled Smokey

Part 3 Lost: The Loophole

Screen Captures: Follow the Leader

Screen Captures: The Incident, Part 1 & 2

So as you all can see Lost took the Captain and his characteristics and applied them to Smokey also.  You see where they got the idea of being trapped, being controlled by another and the idea of a loophole came from in order to be free.

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

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