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Character Profile - Zoe

Zoe is based upon the Queen Xanxia character on Doctor Who: The Key To Time: The Pirate Planet.  Xanxia is first introduced as the Captain's nurse.  

Screen Captures: The Pirate Planet
Queen Xanxia acting as the Captain's nurse

Xanxia's gentle persuasion to the Captain

Xanxia looking over the data of Earth, the next planet they are to plunder, with Mr. Fibuli the man who charted and made the find 

The real Queen Xanxia suspended between time dams

Dropping all pretenses and giving orders 

Queen Xanxia's true plan revealed.  "Eternal LIFE"

She said a few words and then she died rather quickly

Xanxia's Death

Xanxia's projection body vaporized by Kimus

How it all played out on Lost

Screen Captures: Recon

The name Zoe means “LIFE”  If you have been paying attention that is exactly what Queen Xanxia was in search of “Eternal LIFE”.  This was no coincidence.  Here are two websites on the meaning of the name Zoe:  website 1, website 2

Screen Captures: The Package

She reveals to Jin what she is looking for

Zoe looking over the maps with Jin who assisted in charting some of the electromagnetic pockets of energy

Zoe's gentle persuasion to Charles Widmore

Confirmation that she isn't a nurse

Desmond asking if Zoe is his nurse.  Again not a coincidence as we know she isn't but that is how it played out on Doctor Who: The Key To Time: The Pirate Planet.  Xanxia pretending to be the Captain's nurse

Screen Captures: The Last Recruit

Notice the response back to Zoe after she speaks.   This comes up again to prove a point

The voice of Charles Widmore wasn't heard at all.  This is a walkie-talkie and you would have heard his voice.  This to me is Lost symbolizing Zoe as Queen Xanxia dropping pretenses and giving order 

Notice again the man's voice acknowledging Zoe

Screen Captures: What they died for

She said a few words and then she died rather quickly 

I've pointed it out before but when a character on Doctor Who is killed with a gun the character they represent on Lost is killed with a knife

What it is that Zoe is actually looking for

Screen Captures: Across the Sea

Zoe is looking for the source of the electromagnetic energy.  Mother calls it light that is inside every man.  She also says "But they always want more."  The light can be equated to life and that is what Queen Xanxia wanted, "Eternal LIFE"

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