Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why the bomb went off in the submarine

Excerpt from Doctor Who: The Key to Time 2: The Destroyer of Delights

I copied and pasted the story from where the Doctor and his companions are trapped in a spaceship that is buried under the sand:

He says the Djinn are notoriously covetous and if one of them dies, he takes his whole ship with him. The computer has clearly started a self-destruct sequence!

Omar and Nisrin discover a room filled with enough silver to pay forty Caliphs. They can hear the countdown too, but Omar believes the “magic cave” is alive and is trying to warn its master. Nisrin wonders whether the cave will try to avenge him…

The Doctor leads the others to the airlock, but they discover the Djinni must have overridden the codes and the password is no longer working. The Guardians start to panic and the Doctor realises they’re now prisoners of these dimensions and will die like everyone else if they don’t get off the ship. The Doctor finds another jewel like the one in the necklace, and tells Guardians to take it down to the far end of the spaceship while he prepares to fire the projectile guns. With any luck, it’ll blow a hole in the hull.

The two Guardians head for the front of the ship and come across another room filled with treasures taken from other worlds. The White Guardian points out that if the Black Guardian had given just part of this to the Caliph instead of the gold, there would have been no trouble. Unfortunately these are the private quarters of the Djinni and the Black Guardian had never been to this part of the ship before. They throw down the tracker and then run for their lives. The Doctor powers up the guns and Amy asks if she can press the button. She does so and the projectile fires straight up into the air, then turns and heads back down towards them. There’s a massive explosion and the ship is filled with smoke and debris. The Guardians pick themselves up of the floor and discover the front of the ship is now exposed to the desert, exactly as the Doctor had intended.

The Doctor calls to everyone and warns them to get as far away as they can.  

How it played out on Lost

Screen captures from: The Candidate

The hole in the submarine through which they escaped

The  Djinni is the “Man in Black.”  The ocean is the sand.  The self destruct sequence is the watch counting down.   The necklace is the bomb which blew a hole in the spaceship.  Sayid took the place of the guardians who took the bomb to the front of the ship.  Jack of course is the Doctor who warns them to get as far away as they can.

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