Friday, July 20, 2012

Character Profile - Sayid Jarrah

Have you ever wondered where they came up with the character Sayid Jarrah.  Well it came from Doctor Who and the character they imitated was Swordsman Farrah.  They only changed the last name by one letter.

Swordsman Farrah
Notice that he wears a Persian style helmet.

Swordsman Zadek trying to talk the Doctor into repairing their Android

The reason behind Swordsman Farrah's behavior 

Swordsman Farrah shown below interrogating the Doctor to find out the location of Prince Reynart.

In the end Swordsman Farrah turned out to be a good guy and became friendly towards the Doctor.  He only did the things he did in defense of Prince Reynart.

Sayid Jarrah did the things he did to protect those around him.  The things would look to anyone viewing them from the outside as cold and callous.  He was an torturer in the Republican Guard in the Iraqi army.  The reason that Sayid is from Iraq is that Swordsman Farrah wore a Persian style helmet.  Iraq is located in the Persian Gulf.

Screen Captures: Confidence Man

Sayid shown torturing Sawyer trying to get information on the location of Shannon's inhaler.

In the end Sayid proved to be a good man and sacrificed his life for his friends by taking the bomb to the front of the submarine away from everyone else.  I don't have to go over every detail of Sayid as those who were Lost fans know who he was.  You can always click on the hyperlink above of his name to get more information.  

Both men were capable and would do what they had to do to protect those around them.  Like I have always said  Lost is nothing more than a clever remake of Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time.

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

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