Thursday, July 5, 2012

Character Profile - The Island

The origins of most of the characters on Lost came from Doctor Who and the island is no exception. 

Why no one was allowed to enter the mine shafts on Zanak

On Lost the penalty is worse than dying

Man In Black falls to the bottom of waterfall "heart of the island" and he isn't allowed to leave the island.

The Captain knew that if the Doctor entered the mine shafts (the heart of the planet Zanak) he would discover the secret.  Zanak was an artifical planet that would surround slightly smaller planets and mined them for their material wealth.

What was the process that was taking place before and after Zanak mined planets

Prior to the re-materialization process the smaller planet was full of LIFE

This is the DEATH of the planet.

REBIRTH of the energy on psychic wavelengths contained on the planet

The every atom of matter that Romana speaks also applies to the energy that is inside every man that is spoken of on Lost.

The Captain chooses his prey a planet that is full of LIFE. He materializes around the slightly smaller planet and squeezes the life from it resulting in DEATH of the planet. The Mentiads reclaim the energy on psychic wavelengths which is a REBIRTH of sorts.

How it all played out on Lost

Why they weren't supposed to enter the heart of the island and what the island was

Screen Captures: Across the Sea

WARNING not to go into the heart of the island

Similar to the Captain decree that no one ever enter the mine shaft

This is the same description that Romana uses to describe every atom of matter in the universe.

Protecting it much the same as the Captain was trying to protect the secret of the mines of Zanak

On Doctor Who Life was a planet that was the potential target for Zanak to mine.  Death was the mining of the planet.

On Doctor Who Rebirth was the reclaiming of the energy on psychic wavelengths that the Mentiads absorbed into their brains.

Again the WARNING


The Man in Black was alive.


Jacob in his anger of the Man in Black killing their mother kills his brother


The Man in Black is reborn into Smokey.  The thing that Mother spoke of being worse than dying, much worse.

Lost was piecemealed together from Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time.  They used the Pirate Planet episode and came up with their spin on the "Life Force" to explain what the island was.
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