Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Desmond actually pulled the plug at the bottom of the waterfall

The Martian arrives at the top of the Pyramid and prepares to shoot. The Doctor points out that removing the segment will be like pulling a plug and they’re standing right over the hole.

For 12,000 years, life on Mars prospered peacefully. It was a world of builders, craftsmen and farmers - until the day the ground and sky betrayed them. When the plug was pulled from the gravity well it sent earthquakes and hurricanes across the planet surface for three decades. Almost everything was lost. A few managed to get off the world, but the rest fought amongst themselves for food and shelter. After 30 years the energies were spent and the ground settled down. What remained of the Martian people emerged and planned the re-building of their world, even if it took them a thousand years.

Screen Captures: The End

[On-Island - At the bottom of the waterfall, Desmond finds a chamber after passing skeletons - he comes to a bright pool of water into which flows water - there is a large, engraved stone in the center of the pool - he steps into the pond and hears rattling, loud buzzing and magnetic humming - he screams from the pain of electromagnetic shock - Jack and Locke look down at the glow.]

The reason why the cavern turns red after the water drains is that on Doctor Who: The Judgement of Isskar the pulling of the plug took place on the planet Mars.

[The ground briefly shakes violently - Locke leaves the cave - Jack follows and tackles Locke to the ground.]

Screen Captures: What They Died For

The scenes below are to let you see the 30 year gap that occurs in Lost just like in Doctor Who.

It’s too bad the writers and producers of Lost got so caught up in the hype that they couldn’t admit the truth as to where their ideas for the show actually came from.

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