Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flocke’s 3 choices offered to Sawyer aren’t original at all - Can you say Doctor Who

On Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Pirate Planet Mr. Fibuli offers the Captain 3 alternatives to their current situation.

OK so there are the 3 alternatives offered by Mr. Fibuli to the Captain.

1.      Find a new integrator to replace the one that was burned out

2.      Find a new source of the rare mineral, PJX-18 which would do the same job as the integrator.

3.      Do nothing and let the planet Zanak which they are on settle where it is as they would be incapable of making another jump

Note:  Queen Xanxia decided that they would take alternative 2 and find PJX-18 which we learn is quartz which is located on the planet Earth.

The reference to "lives he wasted" is synonymous with the lives Queen Xanxia wasted as she plundered planets in her attempt to live forever.

He said it using different words than the Captain but there was no difference in the meaning: Captain: "And the third alternative, Mr. Fibuli?"

So now here are the 3 choices that Flocke offered Sawyer
1.      First you can do nothing and see how this all plays out {This was Mr. Fibuli’s 3rd alternative}

2.      Second you can accept the job and become the new Jacob and protect the island {Mr. Fibuli’s 1st alternative}

3.      Third choice: James is that we just go.  We just get the hell off this island, and we never look back.  He finishes by saying.  So what do you say James?  Are you ready to go home.  {This is Mr. Fibuli’s 2nd alternative.  They find the source of PJX-18 which the Doctor says is quartz and it is located on the planet Earth.  We are not sure where the island really is or whether it is really located on the Earth as it could be in another dimension which the writers left very vague.  Sawyer’s home is the earth so all Flocke’s 3 choices match up exactly with Mr. Fibuli’s 3 alternatives.}

Did you catch what Mr. Fibuli said in his first alternative?  Find a new integrator to replace the one that was burned out.  This is the reason why Jabob was kicked into the fire.  Jacob is the integrator in Lost.  He is what needs to be replaced with one of the candidates.  Once he was kicked into the fire he “burned out!”

If you are really attentive you know what the inside joke that Flocke spoke of.  He said the following: 

 The JOKE has to do with 2 words “inside” and “nothing”.  On Doctor Who the Doctor said the following:

When the Doctor entered the mine shaft they descended deep “inside” the planet (3 miles).  Later he tells the Mentiads that Zanak is hollow meaning that it has “nothing” in it.  He follows it up with “Yes, but rarely empty.”  The Doctor was implying that Zanak was hollow but Queen Xanxia’s quest for living forever made her constantly plunder planets which filled it up until it was processed and the cycle continued.  On Lost the island was rarely empty as Jacob was always bringing candidates to the island to prove his point.  This is a lot to take in but now you at least know the truth.

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