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Why Jacob had to physically touch all “6 CANDIDATES” and "Jacob's Lighthouse" explained

On Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation Romana give the Doctor the "TRACER" which is used to locate the segments to the Key to Time.  The Key to Time is spread through time and space throughout the universe.

By reading this you will learn what Jacob's Lighthouse was and why Jacob had to physically touch all the "Candidates."

The 1st segment to the Key to Time was a valuable piece of "Jethryk" used by the two con men Garron and Unstoffe to run their con.  Note: "2 con men".  They were in inspiration for Anthony Cooper and Sawyer.  I will covers Sawyer's character profile at a later date.

The 2nd segment to the Key to Time was the planet "Calufrax" itself.  It had been miniaturized by the Captain along with several other planets to pull off his plan of ridding himself of Queen Xanxia.  Calufrax was the only segment not seen being transformed by the tracer into its "proper form."

The 3rd segment to the Key to Time was the necklace worn by Vivian Fay which in reality was the Great seal of Diplos.  It had the powers of transmutation, transformation, and the establishing of hyper spatial and temporal coordinates

Notice that they have 2 segments to the Key to Time so they had already retrieved "Calufrax" at this time.

The 4th segment to the Key to Time was the crocodile portion of the statue that belonged to Count Grendal's family.  A famous emblem of the family crest, supposedly giving good luck.

The 5th segment to the Key to Time was Kroll.  It was the creature that the natives worshipped as a god and protector of their people.

The 6th segment of the Key to Time was the Princess Astra herself.  This is where Lost took most of their cues as being about people and treating "candidates" like objects.  Princess Astra was used by the Guardians as a tool.  Thus the reason Jacob used his "candidates" as tools.

This is why John Locke believed that their coming to the island was their "destiny."  Simply because it was Princess Astra's destiny to become the "6th key to the Key to Time."

After the Doctor broke the "tracer" it dispersed the Key to Time and transformed Princess Astra back into herself.  This reunited her with the "Love of her Life" Merak which is what happens at the end of Lost.  Everyone was reunited with those who were most important to them in life.

"Jacob's Lighthouse" is used in Lost like the tracer is used in Doctor Who.  It "locates" the candidates like the tracer locates the segments.  The White Guardian tells the Doctor in the The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation that from time to time the equilibrium of universe needs to be reset and the "Key to Time" is used to do that.  So the fact that Jacob has had other candidates over the time is a reference to those other times.

The fact that Jack didn't currently live there lets us know that the Lighthouse can see through time.  Remember the Key to Time was spread across both "Time & Space."

Jacob physically touching all the "Candidates"

Jacob himself acted as the "tracer" in that he touched all the candidates and pushed them to where they needed to go "the island".  There they became the "Key" to the story that was Lost.

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