Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where the idea for using the “ASH” as a defense against Smokey came from

On Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Stones of Blood Vivian Fay has just kidnapped Romana and taken her to hyperspace where she believes is out of the reach of the Doctor.  You see Vivian create a light circle on the ground with the staff that she has in her hand then when the Doctor tries to approach he is repelled and knocked to the ground with what he describes as a primitive force field.

 On Lost they had to throw this in except they just reversed it.  On Doctor Who the bad guy repelled the Doctor with her force field.  On Lost the “ash circle” is used to repel the bad guy (i.e. Smokey).  On Doctor Who you see the ground is on fire and the writers just took the leap and surmised that when you burn something there is a byproduct which in this case they came up with ash.  The ASH wasn't really explained as to why Smokey was repealed by it but now you know.  Mystery solved!!!

It was always silly to me to think that for someone as smart as the Doctor he would let something so primitive stop him.  It appears that the writers had the same thoughts.  In this instance Smokey just collapses the ceiling above Bram bringing down the ceiling.  He is hit with a big rock that knocks him outside the ash circle and Smokey simply grabs and throws him around like a rag doll eventually impaling him with a piece of wood that held together the tapestry that Jacob wove.  The Doctor could have picked up a stick or threw a rock at her and the force field would have been useless.

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