Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Lost put in the Maintenance Man you probably don't even remember

Drax was a renegade Time Lord with a knack for tinkering. He knew the Doctor before either had left their home planet of Gallifrey.

Drax attended Prydon Academy with the Doctor in the Class of 92. They took the tech course together. Though his practical work was satisfactory, he failed his exams, done in by Temporal Theory

Upon going renegade, Drax travelled the universe, doing repair and maintenance work in the fields of cybernetics, guidance systems and armaments.

Drax played a key role in Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Armageddon Factor so Lost had to put his character in somehow.

Drax is an intergalactic maintenance man.

The clothing that he wears is reminiscent of a janitor.

I know my detractors will say this is just silly. This one is rather simple if you think about it. First Drax was an intergalactic repair and maintenance man with cybernetics, guidance systems and armaments. So on Lost they made their character a janitor. The Doctor and Drax were classmates on Gallifrey in 92 so Lost placed their character in a school. Drax makes a comment saying he never goes anywhere without his tools and he is shown wearing something similar to a tool belt. So Lost just gives their character a tool belt and show him fixing something. By the way did you see that they were both balding?  I stand by this knowing what the writers and producers have done all throughout the 6 year history that is Lost and mimicking Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time.

You guys probably don’t even remember this guy on Lost but he can be seen in Season 6 episode 7 titled Dr. Linus. In all the Lost shots with the exception of the 1st three he can be seen behind Ben.
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