Friday, June 1, 2012

Why the Donkey Wheel was frozen and why the island disappeared

When the Doctor tried to materialize on Calufrax the TARDIS was shaken up by an unknown force.  It ended up being due to the Captain trying to materialize the the same space as the TARDIS.  When Romana tried the Captain had already materialized so the materialization process went smoothly.

Romana wanted to have a look outside and opened the viewscreens:

The game was on at this point as now there was a mystery to be solved as to why Calufrax wasn't as it should be.

The Doctor was captured by the Captain and at this point was being taken back to the TARDIS by the Captain's guards

There was a shootout between Kimus and the Captain's guards. 

 Note that the Doctor and Romana take cover while the fighting is going on.

The fighting continues:

The fight is over and the Doctor, Romana and Kimus head toward the mines!  Kimus was surrounded on all side by the Captain's guards but yet he survived!

The group enters the mines:

OK now we will see how this played out on Lost

Keamy and the other mercenaries march Ben through the jungle

Kate reappears:

Keamy and his men are being attacked by Richard and his men:

Kate and Ben take cover during the fight:

The fight is over:

Ben makes his way to the Orchid station:

Ben and Locke are about to enter the elevator:

Ben and Locke make their way down to the Orchid station:

Locke asks: How deep is the station?

Ben responds with: Deep.

 They finally make it down the elevator.

Keamy who was presumed dead makes it to down to the Orchid station

Armed with a dead man trigger rigged to blow the freighter in the event of his death

Ben kills him anyway!!!

Ben takes heavy coat from locker:

LOCKE: What's that for?
BEN: I'm going somewhere cold.

Ben clears the vault and enters a hole which has been blown into the back of it. He makes his way down a tunnel until he comes to a wooden ladder.

Tunnel that he entered looked reminiscent to the cavern that the Doctor was in

Ben turns wheel and a bright light starts to emit from the wheel as well as the island and everything around it.

The island disappears

LAPIDUS: Where's the island? Where's the island?! Where the hell's the island?!
HURLEY: It's gone.

LAPIDUS: Where the hell am I gonna land this thing?!

 What Lapidus says goes back to Doctor Who when he said:


The island disappeard because Calufrax disappeared.  It was cold underneath the Orchid station because the Pirate Planet was in the process of consuming Calufrax the cold, wet and icy planet. Can you all see that Lost is nothing more than a clever REMAKE.  They used the grab bag approach and took all the ideas from Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time 1 & 2 and shook them up.  They then started pulling the pieces out and created Lost set in a modern surrounding plain and simple.

Note: The names Keamy and Kimus along with the parts that each played are also too similar to be  considered coincidence!!!

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake? Please leave me your feedback.

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