Saturday, June 23, 2012

Character Profile – Boone & Shannon – Why the brother & sister were on Lost

The reason why they had a brother sister combination on Lost is because it was copied from Doctor Who.  The episode was Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Pirate Planet.  The brother and sister in question were Pralix and Mula.

Kimus speaks of material wealth because diamonds are literally lying in the streets. 

Shot down in the street.  Does that remind you of anything?

This is the Captain's control center, located at the top of the mountain.  This is where the group is headed.

The trek to get to the Captain.

I don't know if you noticed but Mula's hair is blond while Pralix hair color is black.
Here they are shown looking up at the mountain.

When they finally make it to the Captain we find that he has turned on a psychic interference transmitter.  Does this sound familiar to you Lost fans?
Boone sort of looks like Pralix.

Now below is how the scenes above played out on Lost

They had Shannon's father die becasue the father of Mula and Pralix died.

They made Boone and Shannon adopted brother and sister because Mula and Pralix having different hair colors on The Pirate Planet didn't even look related.

They made "money" the issue between Shannon and Boone because on The Pirate Planet they had plenty of material wealth but it meant nothing because they weren’t free to do what they wanted in life as it was holding them back in a sense.

Remember Mula saying "It's a long climb up there."

Can you guys say psychic interference transmitter.  They make it to the top of the mountain.  This is the reason for Rousseau's signal that had been playing for 16 years.

Since the father of Mula and Pralix was shot dead in the streets they had Shannon shot dead in the jungle

If this were chess I would keep saying “Check Mate” after my every post.

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

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