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Character Profile - Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke was based off the Madame Lamia character on Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Androids of Tara.  At one point Madame Lamia is referred to a surgeon and Romana is being taken to her as she has hurt her ankle.  We then find out that she isn't quite a surgeon but rather an engineer who works with androids, as she has been mistaken for an android.  We find that she is in love with Count Grendal but he doesn't love her as he is only in love with power.  She understands that Grendal doesn't love her which makes her sad but takes what she can get.  She ends up doing what she can to assist in his plans for becoming "King of Tara" but her endeavors end up getting her killed.

Count Grendal had all the power in the relationship with Madame Lamia.  Notice the look on Lamia's face they were talking about her but it was like she wasn't even in the room although she was the topic on converstation.

Unrequited Love

Shooting starts

Madame Lamia dies

Where Madame Lamia was introduced first as a surgeon and then it was found that she was an engineer who worked on androids.  Juliet Burke was a medical fertility specialist but by the 6th season being so tired of losing patients had transitioned to the motor pool as a mechanic in the DHARMA initiative.  Madame Lamia went from surgeon to engineer working on androids – Juliet went from a fertility specialist to mechanic working on vehicles.  Both had problems with love and both died following the loves of their lives.

Did you notice the look on Juliet's face?  She knew at this moment that Sawyer would stay with her if she wanted him to but the shadow of Kate would always come between them.  It was the same look Madame Lamia had on her face when Count Grendal and Romana were discussing her and Grendal's relationship not acknowledging her.

This is where Juliete got her ideas about love and relationships

Lost decided to give the power in this relationship to Juliet.  Unlike Count Grendal getting to control the relationship with  Madame Lamia.  Lamia's view points on life came from the fact that she was considered a peasant.

Shooting starts.

Juliet dies because Madame Lamia died.

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