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Character Profile - Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert is a complicated character in Lost.  He takes on the characteristics of several characters from Doctor Who.  But for the purpose of this character profile I am mainly focusing on Richards backstory that took place in the "Ab Aeterno" episode.  The following screen captures are from Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Stones of Blood:

This and the next 4 captures symbolize the "AB Aeterno" episode in that it is a warning about "Smokey" aka "The Man in Black" who represents the "Black Guardian" on Doctor Who.

This capture along with the next 42 captures show you how they came up with the idea of "Smokey" taking on different forms.  They also show that to the observer the forms that he takes on are solid.  Another mystery solved.

Hyperspace Convict Ship

The dead prisoner in this capture along with the next show why everyone but Richard was killed aboard the Black Rock.

The Doctor discussed hyperspace with Emila and here with Romana.  This is where they got the idea of the island not being easily found.

Vivian Fay she was brought to earth aboard the hyperspace vessel as the prisoner Cessair of Diplos.

The necklace that she wears is actually the "Great Seal of Diplos" which was revealed to be the 3rd segment of the Key to Time.

For this character profile I will show you how Richard has the same characteristics of Vivian Fay.

I believe that this exchange is sort of placing the island in a hyperspace type region.  Since it is near the Earth but really can't be seen from Earth except if you know how to find it (like the hyperspace ship above the stone circle)

From this date we find out that Richard hasn't aged in roughly 140 years.  In Doctor Who we find that the paintings of Vivian Fay throughout the years show a span of 150 years.  The Doctor adds that 150 years is nothing compared to the 4000 years since she first arrived on Earth.  I was truly surprised that the date wasn't 1857 making it 150 years exactly.

The cross that Isabella wore was important to her and it symbolized everything that they had.

Richard who was a convict about to be hanged is now a prisoner aboard the Black Rock.  Remember the Doctor telling Romana that he thought that the hyperspace vessel was a convict ship.

Remember the Doctor making the comment that maybe the hyperspace vessel had run aground.  The Black Rock has definetly ran aground in the middle of the jungle.

Mr Whitfield killing the prisoners.  Remember from Doctor Who that one prisoner was shown dead and still chained up.  The other was just shown dead.

This scene along with the ones with Richard and Isabella that follow are reminiscent of the scenes where Romana saw the Doctor but he really wasn’t there.  Remember Romana saying that the from was solid.  Even though Richard saw and held Isabella we know that it was actually Smokey taking on her form.

Richard doesn't age because the writers gave him Vivian Fay's characteristics

They made the cross that Isabella important because in Doctor Who the necklace that Vivian Fay wore was the great seal of Diplos that gave the power of transformation.  This is also why Smokey can take on other forms.  Lost had to add this to their story as it was important to the Doctor Who story arc.

Richard also takes on characteristics of other characters in Doctor Who but I will bring those to you at a future date.  Lost is a REMAKE!  I hope you guys are starting to get the picture.  I have been trying to get the writers and producers to debate me on these facts on a twitter debate but up until now they haven't responded.  Add your voices to mine and maybe together we can make it happen.

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

Join me in spreading the word!  Together we can make a difference.

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