Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Character Profile - Jack Shephard and why he was staring into mirrors all the time

The Marshal of Atrios is the commander of his people’s war against Zeos.  He is under constant pressure as the war is going badly, as his people are dying, and his decisions are not working out as he is being used by a third force.  The third force is the Shadow who has been manipulating him and running the war on Zeos with a computer named Mentalis.  The Marshal decisions are also being questioned by Princess Astra who relies on the Marshal but thinks his decisions should be focused more on the people and not on just winning the war.  The Marshal has a control device on his neck that is used by the Shadow to control him and controlling his decision process.  The Shadow has setup a mirror in the Marshal’s command center that allows the Shadow to pass instructions to the Marshal.

Notice the location of the control device on the Marshal's neck.  Think about the location and where it would be if he looked into a mirror.

Jack Shephard is the de facto leader of the 815 survivors. He really didn’t want the position but that is who he is. He makes decisions that aren’t always popular but in his opinion it is the best decision with the facts presented. They don’t all turn out to be the right ones and there are those who are there to remind him of that. He is constantly being challenged by John Locke and their viewpoints are at odds most of the time. If you look at it from the viewpoint of Doctor Who you can see that Jacks decisions are being manipulated also by a third force “Smokey” whose loophole against Jacob has forced Jacks decisions made on and off the island. We know that Jack's decisions caused several people to be hurt and or killed.  Jack learns that his fate also has been controlled in a sense through a mirror. The mirror in question was in Jacob’s Lighthouse. It was used by Jacob to peer in on all the “candidates” and allowed him to see them at points in their lives when they were “most vulnerable” and he used that to “push” them towards the island.

In Lost they started with the mirrors and Jack in Season 6.

Notice the red mark on Jack's neck.  It is located in the same spot as the control device on the Marshal's neck.

Sure we know that in Lost the mark on Jack's neck was because of being pricked with a knife as he was fighting with Flocke but the idea came from the control device on the Marshal's neck.

Notice the distortion as Jack is looking into the moat around the Temple.  The Marshal reflection was alway distorted when he looked into the mirror and Lost captured that here.

For anyone out there who says that this is just a coincidence take a look at all the evidence and then get back with me.  Lost is a REMAKE.  If they got permission from the BBC or if the laws on intellectual property allowed them to do what they did based upon the fact that the Doctor Who series in question is over 30 years old is irrelevant they should have given it the credit it is due.

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

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