Saturday, May 15, 2010

Widmore’s conversation sparks doubt as to who is truly evil.

This is a conversation between the Shadow who is a minion of the Black Guardian and the Doctor. This conversation reminds me of the conversation between Charles Widmore and Jin Kwon.

Shadow: This pathetic little war is but a rehearsal for our grand design. (Speaking of the war between the 2 planets of Atrios and Zeos)

Doctor: Our?

Shadow: You have your Guardian and I have mine. You and I are on the same quest, Doctor. But whereas you have been scavenging across space and time, I have located the 6th piece here.

Doctor: Oh!

Shadow: You are inferior, just as your powers are inferior. Once we have the Key to Time, we shall set not 2 small planets, but the 2 halves of the entire cosmos at war! Their mutual destruction will be music in our ears. Unlike others, it is not power we seek, but destruction that we glory in!

Widmore’s statement to Jin Kwon said the following: If that thing masquerading as John Locke ever got off this island your wife, your daughter, my daughter everyone we know and love would simply cease to be.

I am saying that Widmore believes what he is saying whole heartedly. From his own words he says that what he knows about the darkness on the island comes from myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night. I believe that he believes that he is doing what he needs to do but I still think it will turn out that he is fighting for the wrong team somehow. I still believe that Flocke will redeem himself and not turn out to be the bad guy after all.

I know that we keep getting little bread crumbs that tell us the MIB is bad. For example him telling Claire that once they get on the plane that whatever happens to Kate really doesn’t matter. He tells her that Kate is only being used to get the others on the plane so that they can escape. I’m still not buying what they are trying to sell me. Because each week they leave you with that familiar quote: “But wait there’s more!”

Still banking that the series will end similarly to the Key To Time series.

My reply: Why would the MIB ask Jacob to allow him to just leave the island in a pleading sort of way? Something that evil and powerful enough to destroy everything wouldn’t even consider asking it’s jailer if those were truly the consequences of it’s release. It would simply try to escape.

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