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Why Charlie had to push a button to turn off a yellow light?

In Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Armageddon Factor the following conversation occurs:

Doctor: Has it ever occurred to you Shapp that you, the Marshall and this thing (referring to the computer Mentalis) are in an arena playing out a game for an evil alien spectator

Romana: The third force?

Doctor: Yes, I think I’ve met him calls himself the shadow.

 We know that the Marshall is on his way to Zeos armed with a nuclear weapon that will destroy the planet. Unknown to the Marshall is the fact that if he does it will also destroy Atrios his home planet in the process. All this while the Shadow will just sit idly by unseen by a third planet unseen by the other two.

Make note of the yellow button

The Marshall’s man ready to fire on Zeos
The Doctor completes the key to time with a piece of Chronodyne which he fabricated. It works but is deteriorating fast. The initial result creating a 3 second time loop.

When the time loop eventually breaks the Marshall actually fires the nuclear warhead.

Notice that the yellow button has turned black
The warhead is fired. The button never turns yellow again after the Marshall tells his guy to fire.

But it bounces off the planet by a force field that the Doctor has setup

And destroys the so-called third planet:

And the Shadow with it:

So how does this relate to Lost? Remember Desmond telling Charlie how he was going to die? He tell Charlie that he see’s Claire and the baby being rescued by a helicopter but it won’t happen unless he dies.

Charlie wants to know how it happens and Desmond tells him the following: You’re inside a hatch, a room full of equipment and there’s a blinking yellow light. You flip a switch, the light goes off and then you drown.

After Charlie gets to the hatch he is captured. After Desmond free’s him Mikhail shoots the first woman and then wounds the second. Desmond incapacitates Mikhail thinking he is dead. The second woman dying tells Charlie that the code was input by a musician based upon the Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations”

Charlie enters the room with the blinking yellow light:

He punches in the code based upon “Good Vibrations” and the light goes out

Mikhail ends up outside the station with a grenade.

He pulls the pin and the room fills up with water after Charlie closed the door to prevent Desmond from dying and he drowns.

So why was the code that Charlie entered based upon the Beach Boys Good Vibrations? It was because in Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Pirate Planet. When the Doctor first encounters the Mentiads they mentally slam him into a wall rendering him unconscious and K-9 determines the frequency of their attack on him.

It is later revealed to Mula through K-9 that they didn’t intend on hurting the Doctor and she says: They slammed him into the wall with good vibrations?

Now you know why the song Good Vibrations was used as the code to turn off the jamming signal at the Looking Glass station!!!!!

The 3rd planet is represented by the freighter. It was the unknown quantity that neither Ben or Jack knew about prior to Naomi parachuting onto the island.  Remember it was blown up after Ben killed Keamy who was armed with a dead man’s switch rigged to blow the freighter if he died.

There wasn't a full frontal attack on the Kahana.  It was a ricochet effect just like the so-called third planet.  Keamy died and thus the freighter blew up.

Trivia:  The Kahana freighter was 150 feet long the exact number of years that span the paintings that the Doctor and Professor Rumford find of Vivian Fay.  See my posting on the following link:


What more do you guys want from me? WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE!  LOST IS A REMAKE PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

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