Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smokey judged Mr. Echo - The Megara judged Vivian Fay

On Doctor Who: The Key to Time: The Stones of Blood the Megara are floating energy beings that act as judges and carry out sentences.  They move erratically from place to place.

During the episode the Doctor is charged with breaking the seal to the door that held the Megara and that was punishable by death without official orders which he didn’t have.  The criminal that was to be brought to trial in which they were to be judges was a female called Cessair of Diplos.  She was charged with murder and the removal and misuse of the Great Seal of Diplos.  The Megara do not have a description; an officer was to establish her identification but they are all dead as the ship has been stuck in hyperspace for hundreds of years.  She has an extremely long lifespan and hasn’t aged a day since she has been on earth.  You also need to know that during her hundreds of years on earth she established a cult/religion and set herself up as the Cailleach, the Druidic goddess of war and magic. The Doctor was trying to buy time during his trial and asked that Vivian Fay, Cessair’s earth name, be called to be a witness.  He wanted her hooked up to the truth accessor.  The truth accessor was a beam that extended from the Megara into the mind of the person they were questioning allowing them to see the entire truth of the questions asked of the person giving testimony.  She agrees to be hooked to the accessor knowing that they wouldn’t ask her any questions about Cessair because that was outside of the questions that were allowed to be asked.
Accessor beam extended to Vivian Fay

This revealed nothing of use to the Doctor and the Megara were about to carry out the death sentence of the Doctor when he made contact with Vivian Fay right when they were about to carry out the sentence knocking her out and the Doctor to the ground.

The Doctor asks the Megara if they can reach her memory cells.  The Megara respond with why we would do that.  The Doctor responds with her brain may be damaged.  It was at this point that they use the truth accessor on her again.

The Megara pronounces Cessair's punishment for her crimes... confinement for 1500 years and perpetual imprisonment, both to run consecutively.

But did you know that almost the exact same scenario played itself out on Lost. If you are a Lost fan you know who Smokey is and how he moves about like the Megara and also how it looks into an individual and see’s the things that they have done. Mr. Echo comes to the island and tells everyone he is a priest. Doesn’t this sound familiar to Vivian Fay having a religion created around her. The writers of Lost use the same process. Mr. Echo was actually judged by Smokey during their first encounter when he was fully conscious the opposite of Cessair being unconscious.

Later on while Mr. Echo is unconscious he dreams of his brother telling him to confess and where he had to go to do it. 

Mr. Echo awakes and makes a journey back to the Pearl monitoring station.  It is there where he comes face to face with Smokey again and this time it carries out his sentence of death.

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