Friday, May 25, 2012

Nikki & Paulo - Medusa Spider vs Janus Thorns

On Doctor Who: The Face of Evil there something is called a Janus thorn.  If you are pricked with it you become paralyzed and then you die.  Leela who is assisting the Doctor on the jungle planet pricks a tribesman who is guarding the Doctor after he is taken prisoner. 

Leela pricks the 2nd tribesman after they are escaping and the Doctor gets angry with her for taking a life. 

Once pricked with the Janus thorn the results are instantaneous.  The individual can’t move and their eyes remain wide open and then they die about 10 to 20 minutes later.  So how does this relate to Lost?  Do you guys remember Paulo and Nikki? 

They were the couple who swindled and killed the millionaire and stole 8 million dollars in diamonds.

 When Nikki learned that Paulo had found their luggage which contained the diamonds and didn’t tell her she became angry!  She learned from Leslie Artz, the science teacher who ended up blowing up from the dynamite taken the Black Rock, about the medusa spider. 

He told her that 1 bite from the spider will paralyze you for about 8 hours.  It wouldn’t kill you but it would slow your heart rate down to the point where even a doctor would have a hard time telling you weren’t dead.  Nikki used one of the spiders that Artz had and threw it on Paulo.  It bit him and he fell to the jungle floor not able to move.

Unfortunately for Nikki another Medusa spiders crawled up her leg and then bit her. 

She was running back to the camp but stopped to bury the diamonds that she took from Paulo.  This detour cost them both dearly. 

When she reached Sawyer and Hurley she fell face down onto the beach.  She was able to say “Para-lyzed” but Hurley thought she said “Paulo lies”. 

They found Paulo and thought them both dead.  They ended up burying both of them alive in the grave yard that seemed to be filling up fast. 

You don’t have to be a genius to know that they stole this idea from Doctor Who also. This is blatantly obvious to anyone that Lost isn’t original at all!!!

After reading this do you believe that Lost was a remake?  Please leave me your feedback.

Join me in spreading the word!  Together we can make a difference.

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