Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why is the Pearl represented by a ?

As I have been re-watching Lost I just made the connection between why the Pearl monitoring station was represented by a question mark “?”.  If you don’t remember we first saw it when the blast doors dropped in the hatch.  Locke’s legs got pinned and the countdown clock flipped over to hieroglyphics or so we are told.  It was then that Locke saw the representations of the different hatches displayed on the blast doors. 

Clear Picture of the Blast Door Map

In the center however was just a circle surrounded by a “?”.  When Mr. Echo forced Locke to take him to the “?”.  They were led back to the plane carrying Mr. Echo’s brother from Locke’s rough drawing that he had sketched from memory. 

A large area of ground in proximity to the hatch was cleared and salted so as to create the giant symbol of a question mark.  The salt kept the symbol from being overgrown by the jungle and it was of sufficient size to make it clearly visible from the air. 

Empasizes the Question Mark

Once they both gained entry to the hatch the name was confirmed to be the Pearl displayed on the blast door map.  So how does this relate to Doctor Who?  First of all the name of the show itself is a question “Doctor Who”.  But most importantly it was the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) who was the first to sport an item of clothing adorned with the red question mark as a motif, in this case, above the points on his shirt collars. 

The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson) costume also retained red question marks embroidered onto the collar. 

The fourth Doctor played in the Face of Evil and the Key to Time. The fifth Doctor played the Doctor in the Key to Time 2 audio book. This isn’t a coincidence and if you have been keeping up with my website and tweets you know it too!!!! Damon Lindelof , Carlton Cuse and J.J. Abrams come clean you know I’m RIGHT!!!!

I am also making the assertion that the plate of celery that Hurley was eating was used because the fifth Doctor wore a celery stalk, on his lapel.  They borrowed everything else why not the celery.

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