Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is Zoe Queen Xanxia?

I was just watching the scene where Zoe was on the radio with Widmore. You never heard his voice at all. The only voice that could be heard coming from the radio was near the end of that scene. It went down like this.

Sawyer and crew come onto the beach. When we first hear Zoe speak into the walkie talkie and she gave the order to turn the fence off. A little bit later she gets back on the walkie talkie and says:

Zoe: Are you sure? I - I understand Charles.

Sawyer: That Widmore?

Zoe then points her gun at Sawyer's group and the rest of the henchmen follow suit.

Sawyer: What the hell are you doing?

Zoe: What's it look like I'm doing? Hands up, Now! On your knees, all of you.

Sawyer: We had a deal.

Zoe: Deal's off. We got em. If you've got a sightline on Locke, fire when ready.

Man's voice over walkie talkie: Roger

A missile then fires into Locke's group.

The same thing happens when she first marches into Locke's camp at the beginning of the show also. She gets on the walkie talkie and the following ensues:

Zoe: Do you have a fix on my position

Man's voice over walkie talkie: Roger that

Zoe: Show them what we're capable of.

Missile fires over the camp and lands behind the group.

So who was giving the orders Zoe or Widmore? Why didn't we hear his voice at all? She seems to be wrestling with the fact that Widmore had broken the deal when she was saying are you sure. But when she gave the order to fire on Locke you heard a man's voice as clear as day saying roger. I was thinking at first that maybe she had an earpiece and that is how she was getting her order but now I'm not sure.

I only say this because I was thinking back to the pirate planet of the Key to Time series and the Captain seemed to be in charge the whole time. But at the very end you find out that the Captain’s nurse turned out to be Queen Xanxia and was pulling his strings all along.
Zoe was acting as Desmond’s nurse when he was first taken from the sub.

24 Mar 10 9:14 pm MST
I was re-watching the Last Recruit and I noticed that when we first saw Zoe, after she marched into Flocke's camp, her watch was on her left wrist and then a few minutes later it was on her right wrist. I then went back and looked at the Pirate Planet episode of the Key to Time and I noticed the exact same thing. Queen Xanxia bracelet is on her left wrist when the Doctor was talking with the Mentiads after they rescued him. After the Doctor was captured Queen Xanxia's bracelet now moves to her right wrist.

Are the writers following episodes down to tiny little details as these? I don't believe in this many coincidences.

26 Apr 10 5:50 am MST
What does the name Zoe mean? It is of Greek origin and it means life. This is kind of ironic as the character Queen Xanxia had a hidden agenda which was immortality (i.e. life eternal). She had ransacked numerous planets including her own Zanak to obtain the power she thought she needed to reach this goal.

1 May 10 7:28 am MST
In the Pirate Planet episode which is approximately 102 minutes, the nurse Queen Xanxia didn’t appear to be much more than an extra. Then 85 minutes into the episode she is revealed to be the mastermind behind the entire plot. I’m just saying everyone expects that Zoe is just that extra with a speaking part but I think she just may be much more.

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