Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are we dealing with infinity?

Excerpt from the Chaos Pool:

As they flee, the Doctor points out that the planet Chaos is being held in stasis just a few minutes away from the end of the Universe, but the Teuthoidians come from the other end. He realizes they’re right on the fold in time, where the beginning and the end of the Universe are able to co-exist side by side.

Lydall demonstrates his singularity matrix, but the Doctor’s extremely doubtful that Atrion science is capable of creating such a thing. He also points out that the Teuthoidians originate from the beginning of the Universe while the Atrions are much closer to the other end, and as neither race has discovered time travel, they shouldn’t exist at the same time.

Does this excerpt suggest that the island may exist “right on the fold in time?”

I guess a better way of stating this is will we see characters at a period in time in which they shouldn’t exist. Characters that shouldn’t be at a certain place in time yet they are. The infinity symbol to me suggests that we shouldn’t look at time as linear. Take the quote that everybody on the show keeps using “What happened, happened.” Does this simply mean that different characters are just repeating events that have happened only to other characters and the cycle never ends?” Will someone end up breaking the cycle and thus that is how the show will end? Does the line that Jacob utters “It only ends once, whatever happens before that is just progress” suggest the breaking of the infinity loop? Is the loophole that the MIB has devised a part of this breaking of the loop?

9 May 10 7:32 am MST
If the boys are truly real and not a figment or a projection of someone’s subconscious then the infinity thing works. Time is in a state of flux and the beginning and the end are on the verge of touching. This would symbolize the center of the infinity sign and everything looks to be converging at this point like the Doctor said:

Excerpt from the Destroyer of Delights:

The Doctor realises the forces of time are all converging at this point in history, drawing them all here - but unless he finds the segment, the Guardian plans to continue with his plan to wipe out the ruling family of Dunqulah.

9 May 10 10:38 am MST
The story seems to be more and more what I think it to be when I think of it in terms of infinity. Everything that has happened and will ever happen eventually makes a turn back to the beginning. I guess another reason for another line that keeps coming up "What's done is done." Is this the real reason why the characters don't seem to be able to escape what they have already done. Which reality will prove to be the one true reality if the infinity loop is broken?

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