Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jacob’s Temple???

I wanted to go back to take a look at the inside of Jacob’s temple to verify a few things. While doing so I came across something that I thought was interesting. When Flocke and Ben entered the temple and went in and looked up through the hole where the other leg would have been first of all you saw what appeared to be moonlight radiating down through the hole. Then when they went and looked up through it you saw a crescent shaped moon with stars in the sky. I went back and checked and all the night time scenes outside of the temple before and after Flocke and Ben entered didn’t show a single star or a hint of a moon for that matter.

What does that mean I don’t know? Is the temple itself residing in another reality when you enter into it? Also does it seem to be larger on the inside than it appears on the outside? I’m just saying the Doctor Who’s TARDIS is larger on the inside than on the outside.

Also why did Flocke cut corner of the red rug and wipe Jacob’s blood on it and then appear to place it in his pocket? Did his body truly get stolen and they are so advanced that Flocke intends to use the blood later to recreate his body and place his consciousness back into it?

My response to me after further reflection: Just sitting here thinking and also thought if the Black Rock came in with waves high enough for the ship to hit the head of the statue why didn't his temple get flooded. Once the foot got ripped off the base of his temple water should have poured in. Everything was in the same order as we saw it when we first saw the inside of the temple before the tapestry was completed. Is there a force field around the temple itself? Is the temple the wormhole itself being in both places simultaneously (i.e. the island and the other side of the wormhole)?

Response to myself #2: We know that there is a big hole in the top of Jacob’s temple what would stop anyone from climbing down that hole? We know it is there, we’ve seen it. I would suggest that it is simply a view screen from the inside. If you truly approached it from the top there wouldn’t be a hole there at all. Or if you were allowed to enter and saw a hole you wouldn't actually descend into the temple as we know it at all. Any thoughts on this?

Remember the conversation on the beach where Sun asked Ben what happened to the statue and he replied it was like that when he got there and Sun didn’t believe him. That would imply that Ben has seen Jacob’s temple before. I’m saying that since Ben was both Dharma and one of the others when he found it don’t you think they would have explored the surroundings of the temple (i.e. Climb around it and take a look. I would say yes personally as I would be inquisitive as to what the building may or may not hold. There is no real evidence to suggest that Ben knew before he was taken there that he knew where Jacob resided. Just stating again for the record that I don’t believe that if you look down, into the hole, of the temple, that you would see the temple itself.

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