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Why the flash of light, island traveling through time and the Tunisian Desert was the exit for the Donkey Wheel

I had never read the continuation of the Key to Time but apparently the writers have. I was searching the internet and came across 3 audio books that had been put to paper: The Judgement of Isskar, The Destroyer of Delights & The Chaos Pool. From these stories I gleaned more insight into the writers of Lost. Apparently they took elements of these stories along with the Key to Time and the Face of Evil took key plot lines shook them up and came up with Lost.

Remember when the flash of light occurred and our losties were being hurled through time and most likely space as well since the island disappeared when it first happened. This was the result of Ben turning the Donkey Wheel. Then it stopped when Locke turned the wheel. This was done because the MIB disguised as Christian Sheppard talked Locke into turning the Donkey Wheel and he was then transported to the Tunisian desert. Well surprise, surprise a similar event took place in the Destroyer of Delights.

Excerpt from the Destroyer of Delights:

There’s a huge flash and the Doctor, Amy and the Guardian all find themselves literally flying through the air. The Guardian says he wants to show them something. He points to the River Nile below and tells them this is 9th century Sudan, the time of the Caliph al-Mutawakkil. Amy is getting a strange tingle, but it’s not like before and it’s not enough to suggest the next segment is anywhere close. The Guardian explains that he’s tried everywhere and there’s no trace of the segment being anywhere whatsoever. To illustrate the point he takes the Doctor and Amy to a location three miles beneath the crust of the planet Murphax VII where a volcanic eruption is imminent. The planet is orbiting the star of Perseus and if it wasn’t for the Guardian’s force field, the extreme heat would kill them. Amy feels as though the segment should be here, but she knows it isn’t.

The Guardian says that after a few more millennia he stumbled across the planet Alpha III. He takes them to a dead forest which will soon find itself under a mile of ice for ten thousand years. Amy still can’t sense any of the segments, but the Guardian says that in all the time he was searching, these locations were the prime candidates. He admits defeat and says he can’t offer any advice as to where the segments could be. They could be disguised as anything - a grain of sand, a leopard’s tooth, a blob of molten lava or even an atom of snot. He searched throughout time and can’t find them. They’re out of options and if they fail in their mission, it’ll mean the end of time.

The Doctor suggests they try something completely at random. He says the Guardian has been absolutely methodical in his methods, so the only thing left to do is to search in a manner that’s heedless of any sense and dictated only by chaos. It requires a leap of faith, so the Guardian agrees to let them find their own destination and says he’ll track them down and join them once they’ve gone. He can already feel the onset of entropy, so every second counts. He uses the last of his power to send the Doctor and Amy on their way, with no idea where they will end up…

The Doctor comes crashing to earth and finds himself in the middle of a desert.

I’m not saying that everything matches 100 percent but you don’t have to be a genius to see that these events are similar and when put together with the mounting stack of other similarities that I have found you would have to be pretty gullible to believe that this is still a coincidence.

If you want to read the stories for yourself they can be found at the following locations:

The Judgement of Isskar:

The Destroyer of Delights:

The Chaos Pool:

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