Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will there be earthquakes? If so Doctor Who covered them first.

I read the spoiler for next week saying that there will be earthquakes occurring in next weeks episodes. There are several mentions of earthquakes in Part 1 of the Key to Time audio book the Judgement of Isskar. Also note that they are mentioned to have been going on and off for 30 years. 30 years is the number of years our Losties were sent back to the past from where they were when they started. So if the earthquakes do come up then I believe this is yet another connection that Lost has to Doctor Who.

Excerpt fromThe Judgement of Isskar:

Suddenly the entire area is rocked by an earthquake. The people in the market panic as the buildings collapse around them, and then everything goes black. Once things settle back to normal, the Doctor and Amy start organizing the survivors into parties to dig for people buried under the rubble. Six Martians are dead, but many others are badly wounded and are suffering from cracked shells and blood loss. The Doctor arranges for them to be taken on stretchers to the apothecary. When he meets up with Amy again, he notices she’s not injured at all and isn’t even bruised. They both found that the Martians kept offering them water and the Doctor says they have a gift economy here, so people don’t pay for things, they’re given them free under a strict code of honour that requires the receiver to offer something in return. This isn’t what the Doctor was expecting - these Martians are behaving more like an arts and crafts commune than soldiers. They hunt for food, but they don’t fight each other and they’ve never experienced warfare.

A Martian places them both under arrest and they’re taken to be questioned by Isskar, an elderly Martian magistrate who tells two aliens, a male and female, are operating in the area as thieves and although the Doctor tries to convince him that not all aliens are the same, he understands why they’re under suspicion. Isskar tells him his people will keep a close watch on them from now on. The Doctor thinks the Pyramid might be the cause of the earthquakes, but the magistrate tells them it was built by 19,000 masons, 600 carpenters and 46 overseers and their engineers would not allow for any errors. He admits there have been earthquakes before, but although their rate has been increasing in the last few days, their strength has been decreasing. Isskar demands that they both stay away from the Pyramid and warns them that trespassers will be punished severely. Ignoring Amy’s protests, the Doctor apologizes for wasting so much of Isskar’s time and suggests they both return to the market to look for postcards.

Amy is surprised that Isskar let them go, but the Doctor assures her the Martians are reasonable people. Just then the ground starts to shake again and Amy predicts another earthquake. They head for the entrance to the building site at the base of the Pyramid and break in. Inside, Amy’s nose starts to tickle, but this time it feels different and she thinks it means there’s someone in here with them. They hide as a young humanoid woman enters behind them. Suddenly a Martian grabs the woman and accuses her of being a trespasser. She protests that she’s a tourist, but he drags her away and Amy watches as the woman is reunited outside with a young human man. They claim to be innocently taking photographs, but the Martian refuses to listen. Amy leaps to their defense and demands that they be released, but while the creature is distracted, the man smashes a rock over him and he falls to the ground, dead.

The group is almost at the top of the Pyramid when Amy suddenly cries out and says she can feel the segment as if it were inside her head. The Martian begins shooting as the group ducks for cover. From here they can see the shockwaves rippling through the canals and waterways and it becomes clear that the segment itself is what’s causing the earthquakes. The Doctor realizes there must be something wrong with the segments - that’s why Amy and Zara have been sent to collect them. Zara confirms that they’re decaying and their powers are warping. The Doctor says the segment is imploding and forming a gravity well, perhaps even a black hole. Zinc points out that it could destroy Mars, but the Doctor realizes that’s the least of their worries - if the Key to Time collapses, the whole Universe is finished…

The Martian arrives at the top of the Pyramid and prepares to shoot. The Doctor points out that removing the segment will be like pulling a plug and they’re standing right over the hole. Zara and Amy can feel the intense pressure coming from the segment - but when they reach out to touch it, it’s like their fingers are on fire. Suddenly the earthquakes stop and Zinc wonders if there’ll be a reward. Zara shows them the crystal segment and says it’s keeping the black hole at bay. The Doctor tells her she can’t leave with it until he’s taken it back to the TARDIS and repaired it. Zinc inadvertently reveals that Zara now has two segments and she’s forced to admit that she lied earlier and she’d already found another segment on Erratoon. The Martian demands that she hand the crystal over and when she refuses he opens fire, but the sonic blaster has no effect as the segment is protecting her.

For 12,000 years, life on Mars prospered peacefully. It was a world of builders, craftsmen and farmers - until the day the ground and sky betrayed them. When the plug was pulled from the gravity well it sent earthquakes and hurricanes across the planet surface for three decades. Almost everything was lost. A few managed to get off the world, but the rest fought amongst themselves for food and shelter. After 30 years the energies were spent and the ground settled down. What remained of the Martian people emerged and planned the re-building of their world, even if it took them a thousand years.

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