Saturday, May 15, 2010

Widmore’s fantastic leap of logic…

I placed this question in a response to someone else’s question but haven’t really gotten a follow-up response.

OK guys I have been trying to wrap my head around this one since “the Package” aired. I haven’t been able to logically see this one through so maybe you guys can help me out. When Widmore and Flocke were face to face with the sonic fence separating the two a simple question was asked: Do you know who I am? When Widmore answered that question he said that what he knew about Smokey stemmed from Myth – Ghost stories – and Jungle Noises in the night. I can buy that response with no problem. We know that Jacob hasn’t been forthcoming with any knowledge as to what is going on with the island or the game that he and Smokey seem to be playing. We can guess that Richard still remains in the dark as he was driven to the point of suicide at the fact that Jacob died before being able to tell him the truth about it all. So my point is how did Charles Widmore get to the reasoning that if the MIB got off the island that everyone we know and love would SIMPLY CEASE TO EXIST? We know Richard came to a similar conclusion only after Hurley relayed the message through Isabella (most likely through Jacob in my opinion).

So where did he get his information from? My only guess would be through Eloise Hawking. If she is like Desmond, but not quite on his level, and has seen this why not be honest with everyone and tell them the truth. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Tell Desmond the truth. I’m sure that if he knew that both Penny and his son Charlie were in danger he would willingly do whatever was necessary to stop this from happening. Tell every candidate the truth. They would be more apt to take your side under those circumstances than risk the fate of the world to a coin flip. Otherwise that is essentially what the candidates are doing now because they don’t have any information to make an intelligent choice. I only say that Eloise is not on Desmond’s level otherwise why didn’t she go and play whatever the part that they need Desmond to play.

I appreciate any feedback as this has been bothering me.

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