Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see

In life Charlie’s tattoo read “Living is easy with eyes closed.” In the afterlife it read “Living is easy with eyes close misunderstanding all you see.” I am not a John Lennon fan nor do I take credit for the idea that is presented below. I wonder if this individual was a Lost fan. If so then they could have possibly made the connection that what we were actually seeing was not an alternate reality but the afterlife.

Strawberry Fields was a pyschological escape for Lennon the adult, that's why he chose it - subconsciously or consciously - as a metaphor for the song . The verses deal with adult concepts of identitiy, mortality and the individuals seeking of reconciliation with life itself. In the sense that as you get older and your personality becomes more defined it becomes more difficult to resolve the large conflicts that arise from the difference between the "way that you see things" and the way that things are. "It doesn't matter much to me" - this is not a personal statement on Lennon's part but rather a detached "godview". The "me" that he refers to is the bigger cycle, the over-arching energy that informs life; me in this sense is god/ the lifeforce. The reason it doesn't matter is because what matters is that you - the individual (the listener) -make the larger connections and have realizations within your lifetime. It does'nt mean perfect resolution, just means that you grasp the overall transcendental quality of life. Lennon was a lighting rod in this sense. The resolution is always going "down", towards an idyllic Strawberry Fields. The verses are points of stress along this inevitablility. -"No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low. That is you know you can't tune in, but it's alright; that is I think it's not to bad." This passage is very self-referential. The "tree" is Lennon's conception of the world. He wants to think that he himself inhabits his own consciousness exclusively, in a atheistic sense. He is questioning the concept of "a god". He believes in the neutral attributes of a non-judgmental "god but he defers suddenly to the concept of "a god" or "no god" with the line "I mean it must be high of low". Lennon is not against the concept of "the big god" he just wants clarity, high or low... either or... black or white. He doubts his ability to "tune in" to the godhead but relieves himself of the responsibility with the declaration that although "yes" he believes in god he still, as a post -modern human being retains the right to not believe... " I think I know I mean a "Yes" but it's all wrong, that is I think I disagree."
- Brett Johnson, York, PA

Just wanted to share this with you all and say it’s all in the little details.

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  1. It seems we misunderstood everything we saw until the very end when it came to the so-called Flash Sideways.