Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jack is Jacob’s Loophole

I just have the feeling that Jack has been changing due to an unknown force that he isn’t aware of and I believe that force to be the essence of Jacob. If you read my posts: Why is Jack always staring at mirrors?



I put together the groundwork for why I believe that Jacob may now be part of Jack deep down even though he doesn’t know it. Remember when Jacob and the MIB were talking and Jacob told him that if you kill me someone else will just take my place. I believe that someone to be Jack right now. In my post entitled: Who is the “They” when Jacob says “They’re coming?”


I mentioned in that post that I believed that Jacob did something horrific that caused all of this to happen in the first place. I believe that in the end however after Jacob is revealed to be hidden within Jack that Desmond who is special (i.e. the rules don’t apply to him) will play a key role in taking Jacob back to the “scene of the crime” where he will be able to undue the thing(s) that caused this in the first place. I believe this will break the infinity loop and set things right with everyone having the opportunity to truly make their own decisions, free of the island whether it turns out good or bad.

Jacob has been bringing people to the island for so long and has told Richard that when they get here their pasts don’t matter. I believe that he has been trying to prove a point to the MIB about people being able doing the right thing without having to be told to by him. We may just see that he made a decision that he wishes he could undue but his fate was sealed. He has spent all this time trying to give others what he himself has been truly seeking, FORGIVENESS.

10 May 10 8:03 pm MST
I almost forgot about the fact that Flocke is showing signs of John Locke’s personality. Remember when he was running through the jungle chasing the blonde haired boy. The boy told him that he couldn’t kill him referring to Sawyer and that he knew the rules and then Flocke had an outburst. He screamed at the boy saying “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” This is one of John Locke’s signature phrases. So the point being that it seems that all 4 characters are in there somewhere. Convergence looks like it will take place and all hell may just break loose.

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