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Did I see what I think I just saw?

Take a look at Desmond staring at the Oceanic status board at the airport. Check out the guy in the checkered shirt and white hair that walks pass him. He continues to stare and then we see Hugo walking up to Desmond with the guy in the checkered shirt behind him (he hasn’t made it to the point where he could have walked past Desmond) and Hugo says “It’s carousel four.” Desmond then says “sorry?” The guy in the checkered shirt is now past Hugo and you see his back as he approaches the baggage terminal. Hugo turns around then says “you were on the Sydney flight right?” Desmond responds with “yea.” The guy in the checkered shirt now behind Hugo and passes again. Why shoot that scene from so many angles? It seemed to be continuous until I actually looked at it.

When we see Desmond talking to Claire and tells her it’s a boy we see the guy in checkered shirt walk behind him again and Desmond continues on his way to George. When we get outside we the same guy again only this time he is in front of Desmond looking like he is getting into the limo in front of George’s.

Did Desmond choose which reality he wanted to get off in subconsciously? Didn’t make sense to me. Does anyone else find that scene disturbing or is it just me? Did he figure it out at the end? Is this what he wants to show them also?

My reply:
Just my opinion but if you go back and watch LA X and see the part where Jack comes back to his seat. Desmond gets up and if you have a DVR and can move it one frame at a time you can see that Desmond has on what appears to be a wedding band. If you go from that premise you then have to believe that we are seeing at least 2 different realities. The one on the plane and then the one where George asks him if he was interested in any companionship as he see's that he didn't have on a wedding ring. I brought up this point with Sayid’s customer paperwork as well as with the Rolex that Jin was to deliver to Keamy in earlier post. These were simply dismissed as continuity errors, but I really don’t think so.

I personally think that this is huge. You would never catch the fact that he had on a wedding ring if you didn't look for it. It basically went by to fast. I didn't catch it until I was wondering if he and Penny were together and I went back and looked at it frame by frame. George's question then would be the other piece of the puzzle. It’s like when you find out who did it in a movie and then they go back and show you what you missed. If you would have put the two together right away you would have at least got the point and maybe solved the mystery.

Go with me on this. Why does Desmond who seems so focused and ready to get back to work so enthralled with what he is seeing in the reflection or whatever it is that he is looking at? I think they may have shown you the different views (guy in checkered shirt and Hurley as a reference point) to let you know that simultaneous realities could have been going on right before your eyes. We know in his "Contact" type moment locked in Widmore's box he was only out for a few seconds but yet he experienced what he did in that short time frame. What if he was somehow jumping realities or someone was directing him to that particular reality. He ends up in a reality where he and Penny haven't met thus the absence now of a wedding ring. What it all means I’m still trying to work that out too.

I agree with you partly on this part:

Is that why Desmond calmly accepts his fate when he reawakens in his body in the electro magnet room, and obediently follows Sahid? Because he now knows and understands EVERYTHING? He knows how events are going to unfold as he has seen it all?

I agree now that he has awakened and understands everything he has to do "Father, the sleeper has awakened" I love that line from Dune. But there is something a little more because it seemed whatever it is that he was going to do it didn't matter if he followed Charles or Widmore. He seemed perfectly at ease almost knowing that whatever path he took EVERYTHING would be OK. You would have to think that if he understood everything he should be aware that Sayid has aligned himself with Flocke. So really I agree with you 100% but why doesn't it matter who he's with or where for that matter? Does it have something with what Charlie said when he was in the hospital? He uttered the phrase "None of this matters" twice.

I was also thinking about another part of this also:

What could Desmond's sacrifice be do you think? To allow his consciousness to filter back to when he was in the hatch and make sure there's no interruption to the button being pressed? This would stop the plane ever crashing but wouldn’t account for the changes we have seen.

Desmond to me didn't look like a man who was going to make a sacrifice of any sort that would at all affect his happiness. Everyone that we saw in this weeks episode with the exception of Eloise (I am assuming that she knows what's going on) who had glimpses of what used to be described the "real world" as a feeling of love. When Desmond experienced it when he saw Penny and that feeling overcame him also. I only mention this because if he goes back and ensures that he continues to press the button then Oceanic Flight 815 wont crash but he would be stuck on the island w/o Penny. The events that took place would just play out again.

Right now I can't figure out what he is going to do. It did get me to thinking about what Eloise said, "What happened, happened." Is this certain? Could Desmond's plan involve stopping/correcting the initial incident that caused all the problems whether it originated in the past or the future. I only say the future because of the Terminator paradox. The possibility that the future could somehow affect events in the past. The question is how can you have a child who is older than you are? The answer: you can and you can't. There has to be a timeline in which the child didn't exist. Then something happens and you are transported back to a time prior to your own birth. You have a child then that child could be older than you if you could theoretically jump back to a point shortly after you left and carried on your existence in your perceived present. That child now affects the timeline and now everything that you knew to be history changes to a totally new timeline based upon events that occurred because of what happened in the future.

For the most part I have been trying to make sense of this whole thing on a linear timeline but what if it isn't. He could see what events he needs to change in the future and those events still allow most of the events that took place in the original timeline to play out and thus mostly everyone could get a happily ever after (maybe even minus all the island antics). Hell maybe the island becomes a permanent stable piece of land and our characters meet on this island still to make the connections that it seems that they are destined to make in whatever reality we see them in. It seems as though now he is not just jumping and hoping for the best. He knows what he has to do on the island. He also has a sense of purpose in the flash sideways. He wants to get the passenger manifest from Flight 815 so that he can show them something. I say he is going to show them the truth of things. But what exactly is that truth? Why is he working things from both ends and not just from one perspective? Is he affecting events in more than these 2 perceived timelines simultaneously? What if the island was created just to solve the problem that the original incident caused in the first place? Desmond who I have been seeing as the Doctor Who character now comes along with his unique ability seems to be the key. We have been seeing Eloise as knowing a lot more than she lets on. Telling people what they must do in order for things to be as they should. Is she a hindrance or a help to what Desmond now needs to do? I personally think she may be part of the problem in a Doctor Whovian - Face of Evil sort of way.

There is one problem that Desmond has to resolve before I think he move on to do anything in any reality. He has to be able to remain stable in all of them. Has he already managed this? He was in the wooden box (I like to think of it as the TARDIS). He experienced the EM effect. He was transported to the FS. He woke up from the FS only to return to the box where Widmore and company were looking over him. He walks through the jungle with Zoe who is ambushed by Sayid. We see him walk through the jungle with Sayid and then we are transported back to him waking up from fainting in front of Penny in the FS. If he hasn't gained this control then Sayid would now be carrying Desmond off into the woods. I believe that he is now conscious in all realities otherwise he would experience George's fate during their first encounter. If he is in full control then he is free to correct things from all angles simultaneously.

Your unstable mind comment is why I'm still going forward with my Doctor Who theory that they have based a large chunk of this mythology on these to stories of Doctor Who (The Key to Time & The Face of Evil.) Xoanan the computer was unstable and splintered into both a Good side and a bad side that spoke independently of each other while speaking to each other. I kind of know what Charlie meant when he said to Desmond that he needed to show him what he was talking about. I guess I would want for all of you to experience what I felt when I watched these two series in the light of the Lost series. I used to just watch the episodes and compare them. Now I find myself making assumptions about upcoming episodes of Lost based upon what I know about past episode of Doctor Who.

I concur with your assessment of Desmond’s ability to traverse the realities mentally. However I now believe that if he has found a way to stabilize his mind in all the realities where he doesn't have to choose which one he is conscious in then he in a way has the physical side of it going in a way also. If all his consciousnesses are tied together then they are all aware of what the other is trying to do. I think they may be all trying to bring about the same thing and thus why the rules don't apply to Desmond as they do to everyone else.

That's why I like the idea of a split personality computer/entity. It is confused. It is somehow interfacing with people from the so-called real world. Every time someone questions the reality that it is trying to force upon them it gives them reason to doubt. Take Jack for instance. When he was questioning the scar from his appendix that Juliet performed on the island he was talking to his mother. He was prevented/blocked from seeing that truth. He asked the person who in his mind should have known the answer. Since the world they are actually in may not even exist and the computer makes up the people anyway it fills in the blanks with a story about him collapsing while young and his father wanting to perform the surgery. Jack then accepts this as truth and moves on. Their minds are being controlled by the computer/entity. The MIB and Jacob could be the computers early attempt at trying to procreate. They are in eternal conflict as they have different sides of the same entity's personality. That would eliminate all parallel universes and paradoxes in quick order. If you look at the other key players you can see how the computer/entity is trying to adapt from one reality to another in their lives also. I believe this to be the effect of the other personality gaining dominance over the other and changing things based on its beliefs. I believe the new reality to be the result of the MIB gaining the upper hand at this particular junction in our story. Desmond may in fact be the outside influence that will be used to heal/repair the damage. He see’s everything now for what it really is and that’s why it doesn’t matter who he is with or where reality wise he is because it is all the same place.

I was thinking of a way of how Richards’s story could also end well. If everything had been staged by the computer/entity then the simulation of the passage of time could also be an illusion. When we finally pan out for the final curtain call Richard and Isabella could also be among the endings we get to see. There would be no way that they could end this story with something so complicated that an MIT degree would be required to process it.

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