Saturday, May 15, 2010

Idea for scene where Flockes camp get tranquilized

There is a conversation where Prince Reynart is trying to persuade the Doctor to assist them in their cause. He tells the Doctor that he is the true heir to the throne of Tara. He also tells the Doctor that if he didn’t appear at the appointed time as dictated by the stars that the crown would go to the next in line. He tells the Doctor that Princess Strella would be next “But she disappeared some time ago. Nobody knows where she is.” Of course if neither appears then the crown would most likely go to the Graf. The Graf has taken Romana the Doctor’s assistant who is a dead ringer for the Princess.

The Doctor has just repaired the android on the Key to Time – the Androids of Tara for Prince Reynart. They are about to celebrate and Swordsman Farrah, who I believe to be the inspiration for Sayid Jarrah, gets drinks for everyone. After they all drink everyone passes out because nobody knows that Graf has placed a drug to render everyone unconscious in it. The Graf enters the room and kidnaps the Prince.

Sun was in Flockes camp and had been away from Jin for 3 years. I only mention this because Prince Reynart and Princess Strella had a thing for one another but the situation at hand kept them apart almost like our characters in Doctor Who. Zoe and her group enter into Flocke’s camp and tranquilize everyone rendering them unconscious and kidnap Jin.

After the Doctor and company regain consciousness he uses his dog whistle and summons K-9 his mechanical computer dog to assist him. At one point after K-9 arrives Swordsman Farrah pulls out his sword to attack the Doctor but K-9 uses some sort of immobilizing beam to stop him. After K-9 leaves to find Romana as ordered by the Doctor Farrah asks the doctor if K-9 is a good hunting dog. Is this the reason why they made Vincent (Walt’s dog) a labrador retriever?

Does the fact that Prince Reynart and Princess Strella have a happy ending at the end bode well for Sun and Jin as they seem most like these two characters?

Although unrelated to this story but tied to the concept about Vincent being a Labrador retriever. In the Key to Time the Pirate Planet there is a scene where K-9 and the Captains mechanical bird falcon are dueling, the bird flying and shooting some sort of beams down at K-9, the two battling back and forth. At the end K-9 retrieves the bird and gives it to the Doctor after he had killed it.

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