Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Megara are Justice Machines – Does Smokey Judge in a similar fashion?

In the Key to Time: The Stones of Blood the Doctor breaks the seals to a locked door aboard the hyperspace ship. Contained behind this door was the Megara. They tell the Doctor that it is against the law to break the seals without proper authorization. The Doctor of course doesn’t have authorization and they tell him that he is guilty and the penalty is death. One of the two Megara tells the Doctor that he will be judge and the other tells him that he will act as his counsel.

While the Magara are talking with each other the Doctor tries to slip away but is ordered to stop. The Doctor tells Romana of a counsel in a galaxy that used justice machines to dispense justice. She asks what happened and he told her that they found the counsel guilty and blew up the entire galaxy. The Doctor was found guilty by the Megara and sentenced to be executed. He tries to appeal his case and they grant him that. Trying to buy time for Romana to find evidence against Vivian Fay he calls his counsel as a witness and the following conversation ensues:

Megara: We are justice machines. Judge, jury executioner, we cannot be called to give evidence.

Doctor: Why not, why not? I only want to put my counsel on the stand. There’s nothing in the laws that says I can’t do that. Well, is there?

Megara: According to our databanks the law does not actually specify that the accused may not call his own counsel.

Doctor: Very well. I call the Megara.

Megara: But it is most unorthodox indeed. It may be grounds for a charge of contempt of court. [They have words with each other in machine language]

Doctor: [The Doctor clears his throat] I shall of course your honor dispense with the oath.

Megara: You certainly will. The Megara cannot lie.

Are the writers of Lost using the Megara somewhat as a temple for Smokey? Remember when the Ajira Flight got back to the island and Ben told Flocke that he came back to the island to be judged. We found out that the Smoke Monster was the judge that he was speaking of. We also know that others including Mr. Eko seemed to have gone through this sort of judgment. In this situation Smokey did act as judge, jury and executioner in Mr. Eko’s case. Could this be what everyone is afraid of when it comes to the MIB escaping the island? Are his standards so strict that no one would be able to stand up to his idea of justice? Therefore what Charles Widmore said about everything simply ceasing to be could come to pass.

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