Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why is Jack always staring at mirrors Part 2?

What if Jack is experiencing things for the first time and that is why when he looks into mirrors he doesn’t recognize key things. If this is the case who is he really? Jacob?

Remember when Jack was on the plane in the LA X episode in the bathroom. He looks at himself as if he is seeing himself for the first time. Look at it again if you question this.

Excerpt from the Chaos Pool:

The Doctor concentrates and tries to make contact with Romana, but to no avail. Just then, Amy cheerily returns and lets out a small shriek when she sees Jagrostab…as if she’s seeing him for the first time.

[The shriek that Amy lets out is real because it is really Zara and she is seeing Jagrostab for the first time]

Jack is looking at himself again in the mirror in the Lighthouse episode. He sees the appendix scar and questions it. A little later he and his mom have the following conversation:

Jack: Mom when did I have my appendix taken out?

Jack’s Mom: You were 7 or 8 maybe. You collapsed at school. Your father wanted to do the procedure himself but they wouldn’t let him. You don’t remember that?

Jack: Yeah, I guess I do.

[I would say he doesn’t remember because I don’t think it is Jack.]

Remember what Sayid said in the Candidate episode after he told him where Desmond was and that since Flocke wanted him dead he was going to need him. Sayid: “It’s going to be you, Jack.

I think Jack will play out the Zara part. I will have to start looking for things that are not in Jacks character. For example:

He allows Hurley to be in charge and just sitting back following.

Kate tells him speaking of Sayid “He’s different now.” Jack then responds with “I guess we’re all different now.”

Sawyer to Jack on Flocke’s boat after they took it: “I didn’t think you’d show up Doc.” Jack then responds with “Sorry” after a pause. Sawyer then goes on to say “Taking orders ain’t your strong suit. Nice to see you finally came around.”

These things aren’t in Jacks nature and maybe just maybe there’s a reason behind it.

10 May 10 5:38 pm MST
I almost forgot about when in the FS that Jack was trying to comfort Rose about not being afraid when the plane hit turbulence. His mouth said all the right things but his body betrayed who we knew him to be during the first flight before it crashed on the island.

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