Saturday, May 15, 2010

I know what the Island is

First here is what we are told.

MIB: What’s down there?

Mother: Light, the warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that on one ever finds it.

MIB: It’s beautiful.

Mother: Yes it is and that’s why they want it. Because a little bit of this very same light is inside every man. But they always want more.

Later as an adult the following is said.

Jacob: What’s down there?

Mother: Life. Death. Rebirth. It’s the source, the heart of the island.

In the Key to Time: The Pirate Planet the Doctor described the Mentiads as a telepathic gestalt. He described it as “many minds combined to form a single entity.” What you have to know before I go on is that Zanak the planet that they are on is hollow. It is being used by the Captain by engulfing smaller planets throughout the universe and mining them for their mineral wealth. This is what we are told at the beginning. We find out later that Queen Xanxia is using the energy of the crushed planets to keep her alive as she is in search of eternal life. Doesn’t Queen Xanxia exemplify the line “But they always want more?” Here is the conversation that clues you in to how the writers came up with the mystery that is the island.

Mentiad: For some of us, terrible agonies of the mind began.

Doctor: Yes, they would for someone who’s telepathic.

Mentiad: Why Doctor do you know?

Doctor: Yes… yes, I do! You were absorbing the life force from the plundered planets.

Mentiad: What is the life force?

Doctor: Well it quite difficult to explain in simple terms but basically… Romana?

Romana: Every atom of matter in the universe has a certain energy locked inside it. Now with something the size of a planet there’s an enormous quantity.

Doctor: Oh enormous.

Romana: So every time Zanak crushes a planet it releases all that energy. Now some of it will be on psychic wavelengths.

Doctor: Right.

Romana: So every time it happens there’s a fantastic blast of psychic energy, enough to smash open the neural pathways of anyone telepathic, like you Mentiads.

Doctor: Right you Mentiads were absorbing all that power into your brains.

Mentiads: Yes and each planet as it dies adds to that power, the power by which it will be avenged.

So in Lost they keep referring to the island and the earth. On Doctor Who everything is concerning the universe. Let’s just get to the point. Life, death and rebirth. That is exactly the process that is going on in the Pirate Planet episode. The Captain chooses his prey a planet that is full of LIFE. He materializes around the slightly smaller planet and squeezes the life from it resulting in DEATH of the planet. The Mentiads reclaim the energy on psychic wavelengths which is a REBIRTH of sorts. The exact thing happened to the MIB. He was alive, he had LIFE. He and Jacob got into an argument and Jacob pushed him into the creek hitting his head. He either died right there or after he went over the waterfall. He was dead and we have DEATH. A process took place at the bottom of the waterfall and he reemerged as the Smoke Monster (REBIRTH). We know that Smokey took the form of the MIB but we also know that it wasn’t him as Jacob buried him in the cave with their mother.

The island is like the planets that Romana explained having enormous amounts of the energy locked inside it. When people die or their bodies exists on the island dead it seems that the entity that is the Smoke Monster uses their essence just like the Mentiads are able to use the energy of the planet that they are in close proximity too. What if when someone dies on the island or their body is brought to the island their essence is combined with that of the island energy forming a Gestalt.

My friend Gabe and I were discussing this and we came up with this idea. Since the MIB or Smokey or whatever you want to call him took on the form of Locke because he wants to be the replacement. Maybe that’s why he needs to get rid of all the other candidates first.

Excerpts from the Chaos Pool:

The White Guardian summons Astra and orders her to bring him the Key, but she refuses. The Black Guardian orders the unnamed woman to do the same, but she announces that her name is Freedom and she is free of his control at last. The Doctor realizes that because the two Guardians are evenly matched, they both need the help of someone else in order to give them the edge.

The Doctor congratulates the Grace on their impressive display of power. They reveal that they made Freedom to be their servant throughout eternity, but she no longer wishes that, so they offer the only freedom left to her. In a flash, she too disappears with a scream.

Even if someone else were to become the candidate remember what the mother said to Jacob when he was forced to take to position.

Mother: It has to be you Jacob.

Jacob: No it doesn’t. You wanted it to be him. But now I’m all you have.

Mother: It was always supposed to be you Jacob. I see that now, and one day you will see it too but until then you really don’t have a choice.

What if Locke was always supposed to be the replacement? Since the MIB has the essence of Locke he could become Jacob’s replacement.

He was angry with her because he knew that she didn’t want him to be her replacement as she preferred it be the MIB. She told him in the end that it was always supposed to be you I know that now. Things on this show always come full circle.

Since in my opinion Lost is following Doctor Who so much what if they give the MIB the following out? He becomes the replacement. Freedom the unnamed woman announces that she is free of the black guardians control at last. It appears the Smokey entity seems that it was made to be a servant of the island also for eternity. What if he chooses to then give up that responsibility and that is what causes the island to sink. Remember how his mother seemed to be relieved when the responsibility was no longer hers. Game, Show over.

This may be the best you get about what the island is. I really don’t think the writers will really clue us in on this one. But at least you know where they got their idea for it from.

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