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Cliff Notes on Similarities to The Face of Evil

1. The setting for Lost take place in the jungle of a mysterious island – The Face of Evil takes place on a mysterious jungle planet

2. Richard is the go between for Jabob and the others on the island – Neeva is the go between for Xoanan and the Sevateem tribe

3. The Lost island started with 2 distinct factions the other (who seem almost primitive) and DHARMA (scientific researchers) – The Face of Evil planet also consists of 2 distinct factions – the Sevateem (primitive group dress in animal skins) and the Tesh (group who use disrupters and live in dwellings full of technology)

4. The island inhabitants of Lost revere (almost worship) Jacob – The groups on the Face of Evil worship Xoanan

5. There seems to be a time barrier as it were around the island on Lost (When you cross it there is a significant difference in the passage of time on the island and past the barrier) – On the Face of Evil the Doctor describes a primitive time barrier around the Sevateem village that they can’t pass to get to the Tesh village

6. On the first episode of Lost I recall the monster stomping around the island and when I first heard it the sound reminded me of a dinosaur’s roar – When the Doctor first arrived on the Face of Evil planet there was also a noise like that of a dinosaur’s roar

7. The DHARMA people have designed a sonic fence to keep out the smoke monster – On The Face of Evil Leela mentions that the creatures of the “Evil One” never cross the barrier. The Doctor then says I’m sure they don’t stay on their side because of fair play. He says there must be some sort of fence keeping them out. He then searches the perimeter and finds a sonic device that he says would give the creatures an extreme headache if the cross it

8. Lost has Smokey – Face of Evil has the “Evil One’s” creatures

9. To get off the island on Lost you have to follow specific coordinates – To get out of the village of the Sevateem you have to take a specific path. The Doctor discovered this when he heard the voice of Xoanan through the space helmet that Neeva thought was a holy relic. He deduced that if a radio signal could get through the barrier there had to be a small opening somewhere where he could get out.

10. Richard lost his faith in Jacob for a short time – Neeva lost his faith in Xoanan

11. Juliet tried to set off the hydrogen bomb (but did it really go off) – Xoanan tried to set off and atomic bomb but the Doctor stopped it

12. Desmond turns the failsafe key and the sky turns purple when he didn’t enter the numbers in on time – Xoanan activated the failsafe as was said by one of the Tesh and all the lights in the Tesh facility turn red

- When Xoanon is confronted by the Doctor he doesn’t accept the truth of what the Doctor says: Leela asks one of the Tesh what’s happening and he responds with:
Tesh: The fail safe (all the corridor lights turn red)
Leela: What does it mean
Tesh: The end of the world
Leela: Why, why
Tesh: It means death and destruction. It happened before the time of land

13. The Doctor actually mentions the word Smokey in this episode when: The spiritual leader of the Sevateem (Neeva) dancing around with alien weapon as a holy relic and the Doctor says: If you’re not careful were all going to end up a “smokey” hole in the ground.

14. Sevateem used crossbows that shot arrows – Reminiscent of arrows that were fired at the losties when they had to evacuate their beach, minus the fire.

15. Xoanan the computer was located in room 37. I noticed the number A37 on the MRI machine display (Could be a stretch but I don’t believe that all these are coincidences). The Xoanan computer had the Doctors total mind imprint within himself so the computer entity had 2 separate personalities his and the Doctors. When the Doctor came into the facility the computer said “Us within us.” When I saw Desmond being put into the MRI machine (since I think Desmond is the Doctor Who character in Lost) I thought of “Us within us.”

16. I just think the following fits and I posted this before the episode aired

Desmond to Charlie: Charles Widmore one of the most “POWERFUL” men in this town will owe you a favor.

Drive Shaft Song “You All, Everybody”: You all everybody. Acting like “STUPID” people wearing expensive clothes.

The Doctors counter logic: the very POWERFUL and the very STUPID have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that need altering?

Is this simply Widmore trying to alter the facts to fit his views. Is he who Eloise is talking about when she says “Someone has clearly affected the way you see things. “

Also note that everybody who was shown in the flash sideways is trying to alter the facts to fit their views also (i.e. Jack and his appendix, Locke now getting marries, Sayid with Nadia, Claire and her baby etc., etc., etc.)

Note: My quote about the Doctor’s counter logic was posted before this episode even aired.

17. From the outside looking in the Doctor's TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) seems to be magical. It can transport the occupant to any place and time of his/her choosing. If such a device did exist it would almost be described as magic from one who didn't have a concept of its principles. When Desmond entered into this wood structure (the TARDIS from it outside appearance appears to be made of wood) he too was transported to another time and place. Just my interpretation of the similarities of the two devices that's all

18. There was a paining in Charles Widmore’s office in the “Flashes before your eyes” episode and the title of it was Namaste. Namaste, means I bow to you. I just watched a scene where Jabel the leader of the Tesh in the Face of Evil was bowing to the Doctor and the Doctor asked what he was doing. He then responded with “I do you honor, Lord of Time.”

19. I thing the situation below is dead on in my opinion:
There was a part in The Face of Evil where Neeva (the spiritual leader of the Sevateem) was praying to Xoanan for guidance on the attack that they were about to carry out on the Tesh. I equate Neeva to Richard as Jacob has actually spoken to him. Just like in the Face of Evil Neeva hears Xoanan’s instructions over the communications device in the space helmet that he dawns as a religious artifact. The Doctor and Leela were at the rear of his hut listening. Another tribe member came to get Neeva as they were ready to proceed with the attack.

After Neeva exists the Doctor and Leela have the following conversation:

Doctor: You know I had a feeling, (short pause) I had a feeling that Neeva was actually expecting to hear an answer to his prayer

Leela: There wouldn’t be much point in praying if he didn’t

Doctor: I can quote you a few theologians who would give you an argument on that.

Note: This also reminded me of Richard praying when he was approached by Smokey. Apparently his prayer was heard as he was spared.

If bring this point up because the reason that the Doctor gets into Xoanan’s temple is that he used/tricked Neeva at a later point in the story to answer a question of where else he had heard Xoanan’s voice. Xoanan’s voice and the Doctors are the same. Neeva responded that he only heard it in his hut. The Doctor deduced from that there had to be a way to cross the impenetrable time barrier that had been setup to reach the Tesh side of things since a radio wave could get through. Essentially the Doctor used a loophole as you might say to enter into Xoanan’s temple in order to repair him (essentially killing off his personality from that of the Xoanan entity to make it sane again).

To me Richard was used for the same purpose. He was tricked by Flocke to get Ben into Jacobs’s temple for the purpose of Ben killing Jacob. They were both used as pawns to bring about the destruction of Xoanan and Jacob. Since Xoanan was only repaired that’s why I like to think of Jacob as not gone but in need of repair.

Note: Richard as far as we know is the only one who knows for certain that Jacob is truly real because he has seen and heard him. Neeva knows that Xoanan is real because he hears him all the time and gives him instructions to give to the rest of the Sevateem tribe. Almost like the slips of paper that Ben spoke of receiving from Richard concerning Jacobs’s wishes. “All those lists.”

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