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What’s behind the locked door of the sub and how it relates to…

Doctor Who in the Key To Time story.

The following conversation could represent a conversation in the Lost universe just replacing the characters as follows: (Captain = Charles Widmore, Mr. Fibuli = Widmore’s scientist or DHARMA scientists & Mentiads/them = Smokey)

Mr. Fibuli: The means to destroy them are finally within our grasp. The planet Calufrax is rich in Voolium and Madranite 1-5. That’s why we came.

(“Them” represents the Mentiads, group of individuals who share psychic connectivity. They have been a thorn in the Captains side for years.)

Captain: Voolium and Madranite 1-5? That is true.

Mr. Fibuli: The vibrations of the refined crystals can be harnessed to produce interference patterns which will neutralize their mental powers.

Captain: And leave them defenseless as weak as ordinary men. Obliterable! Excellent, excellent Mr. Fibuli. Your death shall be delayed.

The next part of the same conversation but substituting some character names with those in the Lost universe: (Captain = Entity trapped in Locke’s body (Jacob’s mind), Mr. Fibuli = Entity trapped in Jacobs body (MIB’s mind) the word planet could be exchanged with the word island. Also Mentiads and interfering Doctors would equate to DHARMA and others that have been brought to the island ) – I believe that somehow during their stint on the island Jacob (good guy) and MIB (bad guy) their minds were somehow swapped. This conversation is from that perspective.

Captain: I used to be one of the greatest hyper-engineers of my time.

Mr. Fibuli: Of all time Captain. Your reconstruction of this planet proves that.

Captain: It is not scale that counts but skill. The ship from which most of the major components were salvaged, the Ventarialis, now there was a ship! The greatest raiding cruiser ever built! And I built it Mr. Fibuli, I built it! With technology so advanced you would not be able to distinguish it from magic.

Mr. Fibuli: All the same, this must be one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. A hollow, space-jumping planet?

Captain: This planet? This vile lumbering planet? Devil storms, Mr. Fibuli! You are a callow fool! Do you not see how my heart burns for the dangerous liberty of the skies. Plunder, battle and escape! My soul is imprisoned, bound to this ugly lump of blighted rock, beset by zombie Mentiads and interfering Doctors!

Mr. Fibuli: But what can they do to you Captain?

Captain: Enough! They shall die! By the flaming moons of hell, they shall die!

In the Doctor Who universe the Captain built a machine to render the Mentiads in a state where they could be killed. I believe the writers of Lost have taken their inspiration from this same story and will create a similar machine that could do the same to Smokey

Kimus: What’s that machine?

Doctor: Looks like a psychic interference transmitter.

Kimus: A What?

Doctor: A machine for neutralizing psychic power.

Captain: Wag your tongue well, Doctor, it is the only weapon you have left.

Note: Not looking for feedback on my theory. I have found that in the Lostpedia when you present something that is not to the liking of those who run their Forums you are banned from participating in the discussion! Literally. I say that the writers have been doing this with large chunks of the story whether anyone else agrees or not.

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