Monday, May 24, 2010

I am now the Protector of the Light that is truth

It’s sometimes seems that I stand alone in my conviction that Lost was truly inspired by the Doctor Who series the Key to Time. My faith in this idea has gotten me banned from numerous forums but I refuse to let the light of truth go out. I will remain on guard for as long as I can do the job. I ask you the reader to examine my facts and truly ask yourself if all this could possibly be coincidence. Truth can never be extinguished as long as there is one person out there that truly believes.

I have never asked anyone to take me at my word, review the story for yourself. If you come to believe as I do then drink of the cup of knowledge and know that “YOU ARE NOW LIKE ME.”


  1. Tthe evidence is compelling, but unless we're told that Doctor Who was an influence I think you might be on your own. Some of what you're pointing out can be deduced to simple coincidence.

    You might be having problems finding support because of your approach. Especially making statements such as "This is where 'Lost' got their ideas." That kind of hurts your credibility. Offer the evidence and let us decide for ourselves. If enough people agree, then maybe you'll get a response from the proper people, i.e. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

  2. Coincidence definition - A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

    85 to 90 percent of the major themes in Lost can be found directly in Doctor Who: The Face of Evil and The Key to Time series. Those who have come to my website don't realized that the Doctor Who series of which I speak comprise less than 20 hours of TV time. Most seem to think that I have been speaking of the entirety of Doctor Who franchise and that is simply not the case.

    Coincidence would be me pointing out 5 or 6 things that come from Doctor Who and saying that they based the series upon it. I challenge anyone out there to come up with a major theme that occurred in Lost that can't be found in the 2 series of which I speak. That in itself is why I know that Lost is nothing more that a clever REMAKE!!!